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Cooking In Skyrim aims to make cooking more interesting by giving you the feeling of progress, more useful and rewarding, but still balanced. Using a recipe book system, completely overhauls the vanilla food effects and adds new recipes.

What Cooking In Skyrim DOES:

1) Food now fortifies your attributes for some period of time and does NOT restore them.
More specific:
- Raw fruits and vegetables will fortify your health & health regeneration
- Raw meat will damage your health. If consumed by a bestial race (Orc, Wood Elf, Khajiit, Argonian) regenerates some stamina.
- Raw fish will damage your health. If consumed by a bestial race (Orc, Wood Elf, Khajiit, Argonian) regenerates some magicka.
- Cheese and sweets fortify your magicka.
- Cooked food from the new recipes gives you better effects that last longer.

2) Your character needs to read the new Cooking Books first, before he/she can cook better meals. At the start of the game you can only cook raw meat and vegetables, and some simple vanilla soups (like Potato Soup or Cabbage Soup).

There are 4 Cooking Books in total all purchasable from the Riverwood Trader and from Belethor's General Goods in Whiterun. The first book is available at level 1, but the rest three books will become available to you as you level up (at level 15, level 30 and level 45). That way your character won't have access to very powerful food recipes from the start of the game, making cooking a more interesting process and giving you the feeling of progress.

3) Food usually gives you some kind of boost to one or more of your basic attributes and does NOT buff any of your skills, for that you have alchemy and enchanting. There are only some recipes that gives you some poison resist and fortify your carry weight. It makes more sense to me that a good meal keeps you healthy, rather that boosting for example your destruction spells.

4) Same food effects don't stack.

5) Only one food can be active at a time. Eating a different food will completely replace the effects of the previous one. So now, not only same effects don't stack together, but you can't eat 3 different food with different effect and have the benefits from all of them. That gives more balance and now you have to plan ahead what food you want to cook/eat according your needs, your character build and the situation you are facing.

6) In the original version Salt Pile has been removed from all recipes (In the download section a "Salty Edition" of the mod has been added that restores salt piles in recipes. Please use ONLY ONE version of the mod).

7) Consuming Ale gives you a buff to your speech skill, but reduce magicka regeneration by 25%. Mead will give you a boost to your stamina regen (50%), but will slower your magicka regen by 75%.
Wine regenerates your magicka faster, but damage your stamina regen by 75%. Milk removes the negative effects of alcohol (sorry to all the Nords out there, but milk is good for your health:)

8) 19 new recipes have been added with new textures. Each recipe produce 2 meals.

9) Available recipes will display in your cooking panel only when you have one of the major ingredients in your inventory (for example Beef Stew will be visible only if you have at least 1 Raw Beef in your inventory and if you know how to cook that meal from reading one of the required Cooking Books).


- I created the mod from scratch with the new Creation Kit. So, version 2.0 is no longer a port from the Old Skyrim.
- Cooking in Skyrim now requires the latest Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
- Food effects are a little bit stronger in that version, but not overpowered. The reason behind that was to make the mod still useful when playing in higher difficulties.
- Compatibility with Frostfall has been added. Now all soups give you the Frostfall Warm Effect
- 4 more recipes have been added
- All 4 recipe books have new textures
- Various minor issues have been fixed
***UPDATE: Salty Edition of the mod has been added in the download section. It restores salt pile as an ingredient in cooking recipes. Use ONLY ONE version of the mod***


- Latest version of Skyrim Special Edition
- Latest version of Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch


Extract the files (Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0.esp, Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0.bsa, Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0 - Textures.bsa) in your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder or use your favorite mod manager.


Load your game and be sure that there is NO active food effect from Cooking in Skyrim on your character. Uninstall the mod through your mod manager or just delete the three files (Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0.esp, Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0.bsa, Cooking_In_Skyrim_v_2_0 - Textures.bsa) from your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


Please uninstall the previous version of the mod. Load your game and make a new save. Exit your game. Then install the new version.


Another video from Zero Period Productions. Thank you!

Here is a showcase video created by bittu0812. Thank you very much!


- Cooking In Skyrim is compatible with the latest version of iNeed
- Cooking In Skyrim is compatible with the latest version of Frostfall
- Cooking in Skyrim should be compatible with all other mods since it only changes the food properties and effects. But it will probably conflict with any other mod that does the same. So, if you want to have the effects of cooking in Skyrim in your game make sure that it is last in your mod loading order. Any new food added by other mods won't have the "One active food at a time" effect and probably you will be able to stack food effects with any new added food.


Bethesda Creation Kit


Other mod authors may create and distribute patches to make their mods compatible with Cooking In Skyrim.
Feel free to alter the mod according to your needs and playstyle for personal use only.
If you want to re-upload this mod to any other site please ask for permission first and always link back to this page.


Better Book Mesh - Modders Resource by DanielCoffey
Book Covers PSD - Modders Resource by DanielCoffey
To Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
To NexusMods and its community.