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Cooking In Skyrim aims to make cooking more interesting by giving you the feeling of progress, more useful and rewarding, but still balanced. Using a recipe book system, completely overhauls the vanilla food effects and adds new recipes.

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Cooking In Skyrim aims to make cooking more interesting by giving you the feeling of progress, more useful and rewarding, but still balanced. Using a recipe book system, completely overhauls the vanilla food effects and adds new recipes.


Version 4.0 of the mod is quite different from the previous versions. Do NOT update to version 4.0 on an ongoing save.


1) Food does not restore your attributes anymore. It fortifies them for some time instead. More specific:
- Fruits and cooked vegetables fortify your health
- Cooked meat fortifies your stamina
- Cooked fish fortifies your magicka
- Raw vegetables have no effect. You can use them only as ingredients in cooking recipes
- Raw meat/fish is beneficial only for bestial races (Argonians and Khajiit) or if your character is a vampire or werewolf. There are no negative effects for eating raw meat/fish.
- Cheese and sweets fortify your magicka.
- Cooked food have better and stronger effects that last longer

2) Health regeneration has been disabled. The effect takes place after completing the "Unbound" quest (update: version of the mod without that change has been added to the files section).

3) To perform a power attack/bash your need at least 30 points of stamina preventing your character from spam infinite power attacks. In vanilla Skyrim you need only 1 point of stamina to initiate a power attack/bash making stamina restore/regen foods overpowered. (update: version of the mod without that change has been added to the files section).

4) At the start of the game you can only cook raw meat/vegetables and some simple vanilla soups (like Potato Soup or Cabbage Soup). You need to read the new cooking books to learn more recipes. In total there are 4 books. The books are all available from level 1, but you have to travel around Skyrim to buy them. Three books cover the Holds of Skyrim and one the island of Solstheim. Books can be purchased from General Goods Merchants in cities that have one. Each merchant will sell only the book that covers the Hold he lives in. So for example, the book that refers to the Southern Holds of Skyrim will be available in the Reach, Whiterun and Falkreath Holds. I tried to include recipes that will make sense according to each Hold. So, in the Holds of Eastmarch and Rift the Nords favor more fish related recipes than other ones, while in the colder North they seem to favor soups over other meals and so on.

The following merchants sell the books:

5) 9 new cooking ingredients have been added (onion, pear, lemon, pepper, radicchio, turnip, fig, trout fish and slaughterfish). All new ingredients have been added to the appropriate Leveled Lists. General Merchants, Innkeepers and Marketplace Stall Vendors will sell the new ingredients. Onions, pears and turnips can be found also in barrels and sacks. Trout and slaughterfish have been added to fish barrels and in leveled lists of fresh meat/fish vendors like Anoriath in Whiterun.

6) 34 new recipes in total have been added + 4 new baking recipes that are only available at the oven in Hearthfire's houses. Recipes for cooking Grilled Leeks, Baked Potatoes,Cooked Boar Meat and Seared Slaughterfish have been added also.

7) Talen-Jei's special beverages have new effects and are craftable also. You need to read Talen-Jei's Notebook to learn the recipes.
Some of the ingredients for the recipes are available only at Bits and Pieces in Solitude.

8) Cooked food will usually buff one of your attributes. Meat related recipes will usually give you +1 stamina per second. Fish recipes will give +1 magicka per second and vegetable recipes +1 point to your health per second. Stews usually fortify your carry weight by 20 points. Foods that have an alchemical ingredient in their recipe will usually have an extra effect related to that ingredient. Food effects usually last for 900 seconds (around 5 in game hours) . Recipes from all 3 books give pretty much similar effects, only Solstheim recipes are a little stronger since it is a late game area. You can check the uploaded images for a more detailed view about food effects.

9) Same food effects do not stack. But you can have more than one different effect from different foods at the same time.

10) Alcohol fortifies your stamina or magicka, but will damage their regeneration rate for some time. Ale fortifies your speechcraft and wine fortifies barter.

11) Skooma gives you a very strong stamina effect adding +15 points per second for 20 seconds, but completely stops stamina regeneration for 4 minutes, negates any other active food stamina regen related buff and prevents any new one to take place. During that time you will be able to restore your stamina only with potions or by consuming more skooma. Doing the second means that your stamina regen debuff will last even longer. There is no way to remove the debuff. You have to either wait or take more skooma (skooma addiction).

12) Prices and weight of food have been tweaked for consistency and balance reasons.




Extract the files in your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder or use your favorite mod manager.


I really do not recommend uninstalling the mod during your playthrough. If you insist to do so, follow these steps. Load your game and be sure that there is NO active food effect from Cooking in Skyrim on your character. Remove any item (books, ingredients etc) from your inventory. Create a new save and exit the game. Uninstall the mod through your mod manager or just delete the files from your Skyrim Special Edition\Data folder.


Cooking in Skyrim should be compatible with all other mods since it only changes the food properties and effects. But it will probably conflict with any other mod that does the same.
I strongly suggest to use WryeBash or Mator Smash for creating a patch, since my mod alters quite a few leveled lists and containers.


Bethesda Creation Kit



Better Book Mesh - Modders Resource by DanielCoffey for the book covers meshes.
Book Covers PSD - Modders Resource by DanielCoffey for the book covers textures.
Mathy's Repository by mathy79 for the beautiful textures and meshes.
Balance Tweak - Power Attacks and Shield Bash Require Stamina by bretton for his mod
To the creator of Survival Mode for the HotSoup.nif file
To Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
To NexusMods and its community.