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Added: 21/03/2017 - 05:51AM
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Last updated at 5:31, 24 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 5:51, 21 Mar 2017

Adds a small unmarked quest with amazing features like no dialogue, no quest markers, no followers, but a new armor mashup.

Find it off the shore near Northwatch Keep. Recommended level is at least level 15(might be 20).

Small little dungeon to find a Light Armor set with stats between Scaled and Glass. Comes with robes and a dark texture. Anyone can wear it. Are you female, a cat, or an angry orc? No problem. (Problem: head is huge on females to avoid clipping)

Created in Nifskope because blender was giving me headaches just trying to load the files. Small amount of clipping, flickering textures in the rain, and invisible mesh in hard to see spots.

Uses assets for the wrecked ship from
Gutmaw's Animated Thalmor Banner

LoliCept's Resources

Jokerine's Misc Resources

The armor doesn't use any resources besides Bethesda's so you can release retextures or throw it into an armor compilation or other mod as long as you credit me.

Things i would like to do in this mod, but couldn't figure out:
1.Setting up ambushes so the enemies are not attacking you right when you enter the ship. (i solved this in a way that breaks the logic of the quest, but you won't die unless you do something rash)
2. Getting an npc to fleeĀ  to a destination when you enter the cell.

if you know of any guides off the top of your head please leave me a link to it.