HearthFire General Stores with Dawnguard by Harvey2112
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Added: 21/03/2017 - 12:13AM
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This is a port of Harvey2112's HearthFire storage for General Stores.  It adds containers to al the HearthFire workstations for materials and ingredients for all of the HearthFire homes. An optional plugin adds the Dawnguard additions for HearthFire. I have extracted the required scripts from the BSA files, and saved the plugins in SE format using CK.  There are two textures missing from the file I am having a problem finding, one is for the 'Dining table and chairs' chair model (only the model, not the actual chair).  The other is for the container for the smith-crafting materials, which is a half-bucket image with several items inside.  The items are there, the mesh is there, but I haven't found the texture file yet.  The mod still works perfectly however, and would work even better if I could find a way to add the activators to Diene's Crafting storage mod. 

The credit for this mod goes to Harvey2112, it was his last work to add it to Skyrim (32-bit) General Stores.  If you like the mod and find it useful, be sure to go to the original mod page and endorse it!

Download with your mod manager, then install as you usually would.

Dawnguard optional file:
If you want the Dawnguard items and materials to store properly, enable the optional 'Dawnguard.esp' in your mod manager, or manually copy it to your Skyrim SE Data directory.