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A new, radiant quest ready, Nordic Ruin for Falkreath Hold

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A Nordic Ruin have been revealed by a collapsed floor in a small wolf den, nobody knew about this ruin up until just a few days ago. Jarl Siddgeir have asked you to explore it, you are the dragonborn afterall, to see which secrets the ruin holds.

Be aware that it's rather long, 3 cells.
EncounterZone is min level 45 with no lvl cap, so it's not a dungeon to visit early in your game and you may also want to bring a follower for the boss fight.

Sadly, I'm no quest writer, and I have no idea of how to create quests in CK, so if you have a great idea for a quest that could use this dungeon and willing to do the implementation, drop me a DM and we'll have a look at it.


Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC


Compatible with everything, I think.. Let me know if you find a mod with conflicts

Known issues

I've made a dropdown that's a bit too deep for followers to take the jump, so they can have trouble making the jump into the ruin, but they should catch up/spawn if you just continue a bit.


Bethesda for the game and Creation kit!
All those who are using my mods, big thanks!
The people at the Arcane University who helped me with QA