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Katria as a follower 'Katrina' From Lost to the Ages, for SSE
She can be found at the Winking Skeever in Solitude

Permissions and credits
Always wanted Katria as a follower from the Lost to the Ages Quest, but found her being ,well, dead made that a little difficult?
Well, now she can join you, as 'Katrina'. Standalone, recruit-able follower.

-She can be found in the Winking Skeever , Solitude.
-Max Level 80
-Has same combat package as Katria NPC and similar perks.
-Features ENB Brow Fix

Lazy, half-hearted attempt at backstory. She's her twin sister. Yeah, that's the ticket. (It took me a minute or two to come up with that).

There are no scripts from Katria's quest running - and wont not interfere with Lost to the Ages Quest line in any way.
She a completely separate entity, follower, from the games actual Katria NPC.
Still, I suggest recruiting her AFTER Lost to the Ages quest (for consistency)
Both Follower and RM preset use vanilla assets (except for the brows). Should work for all body types, texture replacers.*

*Recommended Textures: Mature Skin by Maeven2.
*Recommended Brows (For Racemenyu Preset). Maeven2 Brows

Install with your Mod manager, or manually extract all files to /data. But using a mod manager is way easier.....

Optional files

The RM jslot has been completely rebuilt for 3.0 using RM 0.2.7. Improved Eyes is NOT required, you can use any installed eye mod you wish. Otherwise this preset uses all vanilla assets.

Image Credits

-Outfit, SydneyB's  Ashara Princess of the Woods
-Hat and Accessories, ZZjays Wardrobe 
-Mature skin texture and body for UNP CBBE ADEC by Maeven2
-SSE imagery enhanced with, The Truth ENB, by Phinix.