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I went beyond the "Faster HDT-SMP - Performance Config" while keeping decent behavior. For CPU-bottlenecked systems like mine, I gained better stability and a substantial FPS boost , but if your system is GPU-bottlenecked, you won't see any improvement.

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What I changed over all the extreme performance preset of FSMP

      percentageOfFrameTime: (int 1-100) percentage of the configured min-fps
      period allocated to physics calculus.
      If your min-fps is 60 and your percentage is 30, then the allocated time
      for physics calculus during a frame is 1/60s * 30% = 5ms.
      Profiler shows 30% is reasonable, but this is a personal decision.
      The question is: how much cpu time is available to you? If you're already
      below 60 fps or if you have a 240Hz screen and want to maintain high fps,
      you might want to limit the time allocated to physics calculus.
      Setting higher than your actual percentage will result in poor
      performance because the adjuster will assume you have more time than
      available to calculate physics.
      Setting lower may set maximumActiveSkeletons too low and leave cpu time
      You can set the logs to debug to see how much time is used and how much
      skeletons are calculated.
      If no value is set, default is 30.

      enabled: (bool) Whether to enable wind effects, default is true.
      Wind in Skyrim is not developed well and appears to be a static direction.
      Wind can be detected generally from the sky object or by a weather object.
      Wind can be tested when snow or rain is falling (e.g., SkyrimStormSnow)
      windStrength: (float) Base strength of wind. Compare to gravity which uses
      9.8 m/s^2, default is 2.0.
      distanceForNoWind: (float) How close to an obstruction for wind to be fully blocked.
      This scales linearly with distanceForMaxWind. default is 50.0.
      distanceForMaxWind: (float) How far from an obstruction for wind to be not blocked.
      This scales linearly with distanceForNoWind. default is 3000.0.

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