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Added: 14/03/2017 - 09:03PM
Updated: 16/05/2017 - 12:31AM

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Last updated at 0:31, 16 May 2017 Uploaded at 21:03, 14 Mar 2017

Sorry everyone but I'm going to stop modding,Feel free to use my mods /Finish them.Just credit the appropriate people.

V1.5 Plans (Final)-
Finish Pargran Village.
                                                                Finish Remaining Interiors/Merchants.
                                    Fix Bugs.
                                    Finish navmesh on walls.
                                    Add more ai packaging.
                                                                 Make LOD.
                                                                 Final SSEdit Cleaning.


V1.4-Added Alchemist and smith.
           Added more details/interiors.
           Added some ai Packaging.
                    Added Pargran Village west of Winterhold.

V1.2- Fixed buildings inside the walls.
           Added icicles.      
           Changed Shalidor statue in the temple of Jhunal.
V1.1-Added Crane To docks.
        Changed Talo's Statue at docks.
               Added Stairs to walls.
        Added 3 more interiors.
        Added Shields and better chimneys.
        Fixed navmesh.(people walking against wall)

V1.0-  Added Temple of Jhunal (Nordic Pantheon).
           Added Hall of The Dead.
         Added Walls.
           Added Docks.
           Added more ruins.
           Added Guards to Saarthal.


The goal of this mod was to make Winterhold feel like capitol city rather then a small town.(Winterhold used to be the Capitol of skyrim)

"Those poor sod's don't even have a wall"- Whiterun Guard

Cleaned With SSEdit.

Credits-markusliberty for boat resource
                           Angilla for The Elder Statue resource
                          Tlaffoon for The Tread Crane resource
              Oaristys/CD Projekt Red for the statue with crow In the temple of                           Jhunal
              Stroti for the well.

                         The Witcher mesh and texture are owned and copyrighted by CD                               Projekt.

The Witcher is a trademark of CD Projekt. All rights reserved.

Do not upload to other sites,unless you give proper credits and you don't make money from other peoples work.This mod uses resources made by other creators not just me.Thank you.

If there are any issues let me know