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Adds teleporting scrolls\spells to the vendors in Skyrim.

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Scrolls and Spells of Passage
This stuff teleports. You... and anybody near you within a small radius. Cautious use in crowded areas.
Oh, by the way. Watch your back if you teleport away during combat. You might uhhh...teleport the attackers with you. Possibly all of them.
You can get the scrolls from general vendors and inns. As for spell tomes, you find those at mages who sell spells. Bring yo money though.

This mod is best experienced with mods that disable fast travel.
Inspired by Enderal.

The available scrolls, spells and destinations:
- All cities (scrolls and spells)
- All small towns. (scrolls and spells)
- Mark and Recall (only scrolls, no spells available)

[!] This mod doesn't provide animations! For better magic animations I recommend this mod, specifically "YY Animations - Mystic Knight" which you find in Miscellaneous section of Files.

- Compatible with everything. Load order doesn't matter. Unbelievable, right?
- Scrolls are added to leveled lists through script, no bash patch needed.

Known Issues:
- None.
- You can cause issues yourself though. Don't use them during quests that implies scripted events. You've been warned.