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Hey guys, simple mod I made here, Seems that theres no reward for finding precious gemstones in game, they sell for cheap and dont really craft into nothing,
so I made them a valuable way to add to your septims gold. Prices are as follows:

Amythyst- 685 gold
Flawless Amythyst- 875 gold
Garnet- 925 gold
Garnet Flawless- 1175 gold
Ruby - 1280 gold
Ruby Flawless- 1830 gold
Sapphire- 2650 gold
Sapphire Flawless- 4350 gold
Emerald- 3250 gold
Emerald Flawless- 4250 gold
Diamond- 4200 gold
Diamond Flawless- 6300 gold

finding gems are pretty rare, and this makes finding a precious rare gem worth your while!!!
(remember scales with batering speechcraft skill)

previous amounts were: (which in my opinion didnt sell or add up to much for thier rarity)

amythyst - 80 gold
garnet - 100 gold
ruby - 150 gold
sapphire - 300 gold
emerald - 500 gold
diamond - 650 gold

a good way to implement lore into this is as follows:

gems are a sacred source of molten rock made from thousands of years of forming, are super rare, and the skyrim folk will pay a pretty septim to have such rare
gems, and are considered a sign of fortune and good luck and spiritual healing.

*mod must be loaded last in load order to anything else that effects prices, mod is 100% compatible with everything!!!*

requires just skyrim.esm and update.esm!