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Adds the earth tones blanket scarves to leveled lists.

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Simple mod, just adds jasperthegnome's Blanket Scarf Earth Tones to leveled lists. You may find them on bandits, farmers, townsfolk, beggars, and in shops (general goods and Radiant Raiment in Solitude). Some scarves will clip with certain bandit armors but it's not too jarring (there is a "no bandits" version if this triggers you). Works well with mods that populate Skyrim with generic NPCs (Populated Cities Towns Villages).

Uploaded with jasperthegnome's permission. Thanks! :)

Requires jasperthegnome's Blanket Scarf Earth Tones.

Please make a bashed patch after installation. 

This mod only edits outfits and leveled lists. No NPCs have been changed so this should be compatible with nearly everything.

Keeping Warm - There is a compatibility patch in the optional section. These clip badly when worn together, so I edited the blanket scarves equipment slots to make it so they cannot be worn at the same time. You will get a mix of both scarf mods on NPCs, just not both on the same person :)

Load order should not matter.