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Total 150 People Follower or NPC Mod."BZM Integrated Version Deluxe_Loose File,SE v1.09" and "BZM Creatures Pack 2 "and "BZM for Solstheim" Upload....Stop The Upload.

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Everyone, Nice to meet you

A total of 150 people
I'll leave it here

As a follower MOD
Than to use
As Skyrim INN's NPC
I think that it is better to use

They are going out in the morning and at night
It may not be in the initial placement place

If not found
Please advance the time

<< BZM Integrated Version Deluxe_Loose File,SE v1.09 >> and
<< BZM Creatures Pack 2 >> and
<< BZM for Solstheim >> Upload

・Excluding Elder Race and Khajiit Race
Made all female characters Full Stand-Alone
(SG Female Skin main, Bijin Skin Main and
Fair Skin Main Patches Upload it.
Please use it as you like.
UNP body type only)

・Fixed various issues with Creature characters

There are no plans to respond to changes
in the character's body type.

"BZM Integrated Version Deluxe v1.07" also Upload it.
Anyone who knows how to change the body type of a character,
Change it to whatever you like.

If you have any bugs
Please feel free to write it in POST.
(I think the reply will be delayed.)

Please use it as you like.

Thank you.

<< BZM Followers OverView >>

I wrote in the Read Me
The name of the character is in the screenshot

<<<Required DLC>>>


<<<Other Equipment>>>

Cloaks of Skyrim

<<<Special Thanks>>>

Enhanced Character Edit v1.4 and v1.5

KS Hairdos - Renewal
ApachiiSkyHair v1.6 Full
Hepsy Hair
Cazy hairs and demoness hairs conversion by zzjay
Hallgarth's Additional (Vanilla) Hair SE

UNP Female Body Renewal - A female face and body replacer
SG Female Textures Renewal

Bijin skin UNP and CBBE
Fair Skin Complexion

Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles
Smooth Male Body - textures for Better Males - SOS Schlongs of Skyrim
Smooth Faces for Ladies and Gents
Cover Khajiit

The Eyes Of Beauty
Pretty Face
TrueBrows(Skyrim LE)

4 Race Pack Maormer Sandmer Snow Elf Night Elf CBBE FS UNP NO CORRUPTED
Esmer and Ersenimus Races
Epic Elves race by zzjay
Elder of Skyrim

Face Light

NifSkope(Skyrim LE)
SSE NIF Optimizer

<<<Combination recommended Mod>>>

Better Males Remesh for Skyrim SE or
Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles

Cover Khajiit

Modest Elderly

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO

More Tavern Idles

Universal Race Scale Remover SSE ⇐ I think it is essential

It is very wonderful MOD's!
Many Thanks!

Now, the fun SkyrimLife!

That's All