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Most mine owners sell the goods from their mine to you.

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What this mod does:

This mod makes most mine owners sell ore, ingots, and gems from their mine to you.

They have been made merchants and each mine has been given a merchant list which includes the goods from that specific mine. They will also sell you trinkets and other small things they have available to them.

Mine owners will sell their goods usually between 8am and 8pm, but some differ.

Mines without miners have been left off the list intentionally. If there are any other mines I have missed please mention them in the comments, I will get to them ASAP.

Special Notes:

All miners are added to the lists using one script which will only run once per character. After you install the mod and load a save you should receive the message 'Mine Vendors Initialized', that means the script has been run and it will never run again. If you want to remove the script anyway, there is an apple on a ledge near Left Hand Mine you can eat.

Perth has some kind of problem with becoming a merchant, but Tuthul will be happy to sell you goods. Tuthul can only sell you goods after you have completed 'Soljund's Sinkhole' the quest.

This mod requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. This is because that patch makes many changes to NPC behavior and I did not want to overwrite them. You should be running that patch anyway.

This is not a port, this mod was remade from the ground up. 'Mine Foremen Sell Ore' for Olrim is currently unsupported and the mod creator has no plans to port it to SSE.

Places and people affected:

Dushnikh Mine and Dushnikh Yal

Fenn's Gulch Mine, Sanuarach Mine, and Karthwasten

Gloombound Mine and Narzulbur

Goldenrock Mine and Darkwater Crossing
Verner Rock-Chucker

Iron-Breaker Mine and Dawnstar

Kolskeggr Mine
Pavo Attius

Left Hand Mine
Skaggi Scar-Face

Mor Khazgur Mine

Quicksilver Mine

Redbelly Mine

Rockwallow Mine
Gestur Rockbreaker

Soljund's Sinkhole

Steamscorch Mine and Kynesgrove

Whistling Mine

Raven Rock Mine
Crescius Caerellius

*These peple were already merchants. They will now sell ore, ingots, and gems from their specific mine.