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Changes many of the unique items in the game to have more be more interesting or powerful as well as making the weapons have unlimited charges and deleveling leveled artifacts.

Permissions and credits
True Artifacts of Skyrim

This mod gives new effects to many of the unique weapons and armor in the game including Daedric artifacts, Dragon Priest masks, and leveled items. These changes included giving all weapons unlimited charges and deleveling the leveled items so you always receive the best version of it. 

Items changed include:
  1. All Daedric artifacts that can be equipped except for the ring of Hircine
  2. All Dragon Priest Masks
  3. Rueful axe
  4. Chillrend
  5. Dragonbane
  6. The Pale Blade
  7. Gauldur BlackBlade
  8. Gauldur BlackBow
  9. Miraak's sword
  10. Nightingale Armor
  11. Nightingale Sword and Bow
  12. Shield of Solitude
  13. Mage's Circlet
  14. Aegisbane
  15. Angi's Bow
  16. Bloodthorn
  17. Bolar's Oathblade
  18. Red Eagle's Bane
  19. Valdr's Lucky Dagger
  20. Ancient Falmer Armor
  21. Ancient Shrouded Armor
  22. Armor of the Old Gods
  23. Ahzidal's Armor
  24. Blackguard's Armor
  25. Deathbrand Armor
  26. Guild Master's Armor
  27. Linwe's Armor
  28. Cicero's Outfit
  29. Ancient Helmet of the Unburned
  30. Diadem of the Savant
  31. General Tullius Armor
  32. Archmage's Robes
  33. Gloves of the Pugilist
  34. Helm of Yngol
  35. Ironhand Gauntlets
  36. Movarth's Boots
  37. Predator's Grace
  38. The Bond of Matrimony
  39. Muiri's Ring
  40. Nightweaver's Band
  41. Ring of Pure Mixtures
  42. Silver-Blood Family Ring
  43. Amulet of Articulation
  44. Amulet of Bats
  45. Amulet of the Gargoyles
  46. Andurs' Amulet of Arkay
  47. Charmed Necklace
  48. Gauldur Amulet Fragments
  49. The Gauldur Amulet
  50. Kyne's Token
  51. Necromancer's Amulet
  52. Saarthal Amulet
  53. Blade of Sacrifice
  54. Blade of Woe
  55. Keening
  56. Nettlebane
  57. Amren's Family Sword
  58. Eduj and Okin
  59. Ghostblade
  60. Grimsever
  61. Harkon's Sword
  62. Horksbane
  63. Notched Pickaxe
  64. Poacher's Axe
  65. Hjalti's Sword
  66. Queen Freydis' Sword
  67. Windshear
  68. Balgruuf's Greatsword
  69. Bloodskal Blade
  70. Champion's Cudgel
  71. Headman's Axe
  72. The Longhammer
  73. Trollsbane
  74. Wuuthrad
  75. Auriel's Bow
  76. Sunhallowed/Bloodcursed Arrows
  77. Bow of the Hunt
  78. Dravin's Bow
  79. Firiniel's End
  80. Froki's Bow
  81. Zephyr
  82. Bow of the Stag Prince
  83. Aetherial Staff
  84. Eye of Melka
  85. Gadnor's Staff of Charming
  86. Hevnoraak's Staff
  87. Staff of Arcane Authority
  88. Staff of Hag's Wrath
  89. Staff of Jyrik Gauldurson
  90. Staff of Magnus
  91. Auriel's Shield
  92. Aetherial Shield
  93. Dawnguard Rune Shield
  94. Shield of Ysgramor
  95. Targe of the Blooded
  96. Hrolfdir's Shield
  97. Roggi's Ancestral Shield

Future Plans:
If there are any other items I missed let me know in the comments and I'll added them to my list of items to work on. 

This mod should be compatible with anything that does not edit the same items that are in this mod.
Known Incompatibility
None that I know of right now.

I'm always open to feedback. Is a weapon too strong, too weak, or just doesn't make sense in relation to the lore of it? Let me know, I'll gladly tweak things if the reasons are justified and it fits my vision of the mod.

Recommended Mods:
Improved Closedfaced Helmets by Navida1 (patch in downloads section)
(Mods used in screenshots)
Unique Uniques By InsanitySorrow (patch in downloads section)
Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks SE by Carnage2K4 
Nightingale Prime HD by AncientVampire and ZeroFrost 

Q: Help! my weapon/armor didn't change, what happened?
A: Either you have a mod that changes the same armor/weapon or in the case of leveled items if you received the item before installing the mod it wont change because I only edited the final version and set the final version to be the only reward you can receive. If this is the case you will have to add the right version using console commands.