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Most farmers sell the produce from their farm to you.

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What this mod does:

This mod makes most farmers sell the produce from their farm to you.

They have been made merchants and each farm has been given a merchant list which includes the goods from that specific farm. They will also sell you trinkets and other small things they have available to them.

Farmers will sell their produce while tending their fields. This is usually between 8am and 8pm, but some differ.

If there are any farms I have missed please mention them in the comments, I will get to them ASAP.

Special Notes:

All farmers are added to the lists using one script which will only run once per character. After you install the mod and load a save you should receive the message 'Farm Vendors Initialized', that means the script has been run and it will never run again. If you want to remove the script anyway, there is an apple on the fence at Pelagia Farm you can eat.

Vantus Loreius can only sell you produce after he has dealt with Cicero. Once you finish Delayed Burial, wait a day or two and he will be happy to sell you goods.

Addvild in Snow-Shod Farm tells you he has nothing to sell you, so he has been left off the list.

Curwe in Loreius Farm and Severio in Pelagia Farm both have something which makes them ill suited to be merchants. I believe it is Severio's voice and Curwe's AI. Even though they tend the fields, they will not sell you anything.

This mod requires the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. This is because that patch makes many changes to NPC behavior and I did not want to overwrite them. You should be running that patch anyway.

This is not a port, this mod was remade from the ground up. 'Farmers Sell Produce' for Olrim is currently unsupported and the mod creator has no plans to port it to SSE.

Places and people affected:

Battle-Born Farm

Brandy-Mug Farm
Bolfrida Brandy-Mug

Chillfurrow Farm

Corpselight Farm
Indara Caerellia

Cowflop Farmhouse

Fellstar Farm

Hlaalu Farm

Hollyfrost Farm

Katla's Farm

Lemkil's Farmhouse

Loreius Farm
Vantus Loreius

Lylvieve Family's House
Azzada Lylvieve

Merryfair Farm
Dravin Llanith
Synda Llanith

Pelagia Farm

Salvius Farm

Sarethi Farm
Aduri Sarethi
Avrusa Sarethi