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Dynamic Camera by Arindel
Provides different third person camera views for melee and ranged while also allowing customization.
How to customize the camera: you receive a spell power named "Power of Self Vision" when you load your game, cast it to bring up the settings UI.

- No requirements.
Be sure to use Proper Aiming mod in order to fix the offset aiming.
For PC users: SKSE will be a soft requirement later when it will be available and be able to fix certain issues which are mentioned below in Known Issues.

(!) Disclaimer: Do not consider this a port of Customizable Camera from the old Skyrim, neither its successor.

What this does:
- Gives you a spell power which brings up customization options.
- Provides individual camera views for Melee and Ranged. Now you can have Centered melee combat and Over The Shoulder archery.
- You can customize: Idle, Melee, Ranged, Min/Max Zooming, FoV.

What this doesn't do:
- Doesn't provide the extra features from Customizable Camera such as: Swap Side Camera, View Mode or Adaptive Sneaking. Those features absolutely requires SKSE which is not available yet.
- Doesn't provide saving and loading profiles in external files. This requires SKSE and PapyrusUtil.
- Doesn't force the game in First or Third person. Just mentioning this in case you can't switch between First or Third person views. This mod doesn't has the code to do this.

- Compatible with any mod that doesn't change camera.
- Compatible with Proper Aiming and that mod is also recommended.

Known Issues:
- Sometimes Ranged weapons uses Melee camera settings, this is because camera only updates when you draw and sheath weapons. SKSE might fix this.
- Changing from Ranged to Hand to Hand doesn't update camera to use Melee camera and instead, stays in Ranged camera. This fixes itself after changing your stance. SKSE might fix this.
- Sometimes the camera randomly changes in a weird manner. No idea why this happens, I assume the game randomly updates camera in a stupid way. This also happens with Fallout 4 from my experience.