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A couple chests with a lot of stuff.

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Some of you may be familiar with my Cheating Chest in Riverwood mod. For those who don't: that mod placed a chest in Riverwood with a lot of stuff (armours, weapons, enchanted stuff, spellbooks, alchemy and crafting stuff, etc). Basically, this mod does the same, but it is all divided over several chests.
Why? Because I made the original mod for SLE, and that UI was fixed by SkyUI. SkyUI however, is not yet properly usable on SSE, not to the point that is easy to navigate anyway.

There are two versions: One which places the chests around Whiterun and once which places the chests around Riverwood. Use whichever one you want. I think you can even use both of them safely at the same time.

Chest locations Whiterun:

Gear chest: Under the bridge at the entrance.
Crafting chest: Near Adrianne's forge.
Alchemy chest: In Arcadia Cauldron, on the other side of the wall the alchemy table is standing at.
Spellbooks and Enchanted stuff chest: Inside Dragonsreach, in the bedroom to right of the enchanting table.

Chest locations Riverwood: 

Gear chest: Behind Sven and Hilde's house.
Crafting chest: Near Alvor's forge.
Alchemy chest: Inside the Sleeping Giant Inn, to the right side of the alchemy table.
Spellbooks and Enchanted stuff chest: Behind Sven and Hilde's house.

I have also added an enchanting table behind Sven and Hilde's house.

I highly doubt anyone would ever add this to their own mod, but in case anyone ever decides the make a Grand Skyrim Cheating Overhaul or something like that, feel free to add this. Just give me credit and let me know you are adding this.

Bethesda for the game and the Creation Kit