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adds the Circlet of Omnipotence from TES:4 to skyrim. Including the infamous treasure hunting.

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adds famous or in my case infamous, Circlet of Omnipotence from TES:4 to skyrim. Gave it a unique appreciation, which it didn't have in Oblivion.
I took all available information about this ring into account, to make something unique but to stay true to its appearance in Oblivion.
Placed four different gems on the frontside to represent the four stats of the enchantment, as well as placing an inscription on the outside in mage script

Since it wasn't possible to convert the enchantment to skyrim it has now:
+30 to health, stamina and magika
+3% regeneration to health, stamina and magika
+3% movement speed
(if you just want to have the ring, there is also an unenchanted mod version for it)

I implemented the Ring the same way it was in Oblivion, in order to get the item look around in the area of the Pale Pass. (If you struggle to find anything, I uploaded two maps that show the rough locations)

Highly customizable, with different metal colors and magical glowing, a Version for Beyond Skyrim - Bruma as well as a version for LotD.

  • maybe mods that edit locations around the Pale Pass

  • run fomod
  • never forget to activate the esp file

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.