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Source for scripts used in the Creation Club, cleaned and formatted so that you can actually use them in the Creation Kit.

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Parapets asked me for this when they found out I have an automated workflow for stripping Champollion formatting garbage and adding fragment formatting.

This is automatically generated decompiled and formatted script source for the Papyrus included with Skyrim's Creations. Rumor has it that the actual source will be released in the future, but with that timeframe no nearer today than the first time I heard it, this will have to do.

Decompiled source is not the same as the hand-written source code. It is not formatted in a way that the Creation Kit can interpret as fragments. It includes a lot of casts and default arguments that you don't have to write. It is not sorted in any meaningful way and is more difficult to navigate. My automatic cleanup code only addresses as much of this as I have needed it to before, which is not everything, and this is only a stopgap until/unless actual source becomes available. Where applicable, you should overwrite this with the USCCP scripts, to incorporate fixes that they generate. This is just a baseline of scripts that will compile to a script equivalent to scripts provided in the 1.6 Creation Club update.