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This is just a port of the mod for Skyrim LE "Glomoro's Vampiric Spells". And the port was made using the last version of the mod at the moment (1.3).

Permissions and credits
Here follows some words of the original author about the mod:

I've always found myself disappointed with the way you get Vampiric Drain, balanced around Flames, Frostbite and Sparks, and then that's it.
The train stopped there and I'm not quite feeling the options I've seen
and tried here for filling in the gaps for that. This mod aims to fill
in the gaps in Destruction for vampiric spells. Right now there are six
working spells. To use them, after installing the mod you will have to
use the console's player.addspell command or purchase the newer spell
tomes at appropriate vendors. Since the first digits of the spells' form
IDs will vary from user to user, you'll want to search for at least one
of them with "help" (help "Vampiric Bolt" for example), and use the
first two digits you see there in place of the Xs for the following:

An apprentice level spell, comparable to Firebolt, Ice Spike, and Lightning Bolt: Vampiric Bolt - XX000D66

An apprentice level spell, comparable to Fire Rune, Frost Rune, Shock Rune: Vampiric Rune - XX004348

An adept level spell, comparable to Fireball, Ice Storm, and Chain Lightning: Vampiric Blast - XX0022F1

An adept level spell, comparable to Flame cloak, Frost Cloak, and Lightning Cloak: Vampiric Cloak - XX03887C

An expert level spell, comparable to Incinerate, Icy Spear, and Thunderbolt: Vampiric Spear - XX01365A

A master level spell, comparable to Fire Storm, Blizzard, and Lightning Storm: Vampiric Wave - XX002DB9

Credits to: Glomoro , the original author and creator of this mod; and Piestub, for the great rune texture that was modified a little bit and placed into this mod.

You can check out more of Glomoro's work at: and ;
You can check out more of Piestub's work at: .