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Adds a new voice type to the game.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds a new voice type to the game, inspired by The Sims games and my RL experience having 3 kids. It is strictly a modder resource. It's setup as a Master plugin. Once enabled, you can add it to npcs. Possible uses include giving it to new npcs you make, trolls, giant spiders, falmer, my little ponys or Nazeem. You know, the scary stuff. This is what I do, but use your imagination.

The mod does NOT add or change any npcs. As stated above, it's strictly a modder resource. Don't try to make an adoptable child use this voice, as it
doesn't work with adoption as uploaded. To do so means editing the adoption quest, which can break other mods that do the same thing (multiple adoption
mods, etc.). However anyone is free to make such a mod if they wish and upload anywhere they want.

This is meant to be a complement to my mod Teenage Voice Type.

How to use:

  • Before installing a mod like this, you should make a game save
  • Install and enable with your favorite mod manager
  • Add the voice to your favorite npc either in the CK or xEdit. You'll need to add the included plugin as a master to the plugin for the mod you are editing to do this. MAKE A COPY OF THE MOD YOU ARE EDITING FIRST BEFORE MAKING ANY CHANGES
  • Modders are free to merge this, either fully or partially, into their own mods. It has no use restrictions whatsoever


Q: What does this mod do, exactly?
A: Go back and read the first two paragraphs above.

Q: I installed this mod and nothing changed. Why?
A: Go back and read the first two paragraphs above.

Q: The kids in the screenshot, where are they from? Will this mod add them?
A: Go back and read the first two paragraphs above.

Q: I want to make my adopted son or daughter into a toddler and it didn't work. What's up with that?
A: Go back and read the first two paragraphs above.

Q: This mod messed up my game.
A: Go back and read "How to use" above.

Q: Why are the comments closed?
A: Didn't take long for the basement dweller pervs to start their sh*t posting.


Do whatever you want with this, it's a mod resource.