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A selection of the UV tweaked meshes from Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) that I find are still the best out there for what they do.

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I didn't make these. I am just uploading this curation that I use in my own game in case it can be of benefit to this community. All credit goes to Some_Random_Guy_83 for making these excellent UV tweaks for us, and broad permissions. Please download and endorse his mod, and any tips go to him.

The original mod, Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks) was brilliant for making vanilla textures look far better with zero performance loss. If you are running vanilla or improved vanilla textures, you should stop reading this and just go download that mod.

Most of us are using designer texture overhauls with very high quality that look mostly great on vanilla meshes without these tweaks, and even end up looking badly tiled for the majority of the meshes from ETD.

There are still a large number of meshes that are vast improvements even with those designer texture mods, but without going through every mesh to see which is which, most people just skip the mod for convenience.

But that's terrible, because you're really missing out on some great fixes to the blurry Markarth texture bug, and the very finest models for cave and mine rocks. Not to mention some very fine dirtcliffs, and a handful of tree trunk and driftwood models.

So this file exists to let you have those nice things without downloading the entire original mod and going through every model yourself to compare them.

These are also parallax enabled for compatibility. The UV tweaks seem to make them not have distortion artifacts with parallax, and if you don't have parallax they won't look weird. Win-win.


Also thanks to Nif Optimizer I ported the nifs to SSE formats. H/T nexus user JohnnyJalepeno.