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INEQ allows the player to learn certain unique abilities from weapons and items and seamlessly transfer them to any generic equipment. The abilities are intended to increase variety in combat without just being a damage increase and are balanced by optional charging mechanics. Modders can also create their own abilities and add them as a plugin to

Permissions and credits

Skyrim is filled with weapons and armors that carry unique abilities. Unfortunately, this often means you never get to use these abilities to their full extent since they get overshadowed by other uniques,  smithing improvements and custom enchantments.

Infused Equipment (INEQ) aims to address this by allowing you to incorporate some of these and other custom abilities into your gameplay while permitting you to maintain your custom improvements and enchantments. The combat abilities are intended to increase variety and freedom and may lead to new combat styles focusing on certain INEQ abilities. This is possible because many of the abilities are performed contextually, depending on whether the player is sneaking / bashing / power attacking / drawing a weapon etc. in a way that is intuitive.

Balancing is handled through a number of charging mechanics which, along with some abilities, are customizable by the player. Mod authors can also add their own abilities and charge mechanics as INEQ plugins to this mod!
Skip To 1:34 to see some of the abilities demonstrated

Ability List:

Main Melee (Non-Dagger):
  • Bloodskal Blade: Learn from Bloodskal Blade. Fires wave of energy on power attack that uses 2 Charges. By default, the blade can store 4 charges and has access to Shared Charges. Can be customized in Ability Options.
  • Dawnbreaker: Learn from Dawnbreaker. Chance for undead to explode and cast fear on other undead on death.
  • Foreceful Draw: Learned from Unrelenting Force 3, Whirlwind Cloak, Windshear. Unsheathing weapon releases sphere of force when standing in combat. Uses Distance Travelled to recharge.
  • Infused Light: Learn from Dawnbreaker. Casts candle light if standing and in a dark enough area. Can customize light activation threshold.
  • Rune Bash: Learn from Dawnguard Rune Hammer. Casts fire rune on regular bash attack. Will only cast if area in front of player is vacant. This can be toggled off in Ability Options.
  • Silver Plating: Learn from silver weapons. Provides slight damage increase against werewolves and the undead.

Secondary Melee (Dagger):
  • Mehrunes' Razor: Learn from Mehrunes' razor. Small 2% chance to insta-kill an enemy. Chance can be modified in Ability Opitons.
  • Kahvozein's fang: Learn from Kahvozein's Fang. Attacking a dragon with this will allow you to harvest a dragon heartscales from its inventory.
  • Throw voice: Learn from Throw Voice 3. While sneaking, bashing will cast throw voice. Can customize the shout cost.

  • Bound Arrows: Learn from Bound Bow. On equip, adds 100 bound arrows to the player until unequipped.
  • Auriel's Bow: Learn from Auriel's Bow. Firing a fully drawn arrow at the Sun while standing will cast Auriel's sunburst which recharges via Distance Travelled unless using sunhallowed arrows. Firing while sneaking will cast the bloodstained arrow's eclipse which can be dispelled by using clear skies. Customization options available.
  • Teleport Arrows: Learn from Whirlwind Sprint 3. When a bound arrow is fired and either hits an object or is embedded in a surface, the player can jump to teleport within a certain distance.

  • Auriel's Shield: Learn from Auriel's Shield. Stores charges (default 3) from being hit 5 times. Power bashing releases stored energy in one of three increasingly powerful push spells. Excess charges are sent to shared charges. Ability Options available.
  • Aetherial Shield: Learn from Aetherial Shield. When sneaking, shield bashing an enemy makes them ethereal.
  • Targe of the Blooded: Learn from Targe of the Blooded. Standing bash attacks inflict bleeding damage over time.
  • Spellbreaker: Learn from Spellbreaker. Casts ward when shield raised. Learning greater ward improves the shield ward.

  • Passive Ward: Learn from Steadfast Ward. A recharging ward that negates all incoming damage if it falls within a specified range. Recharges using Magicka siphon with a magnitude derived from the protection range. Ability options available.
  • Ahzidal's Retribution Learn from Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution. Chance to paralyze enemy on melee hit. Customizable activation chance.

  • Waterbreathing: Learn from Waterbreathing, Deathbrand Helm, Volsung. Adds waterbreathing ability to player.
  • Konahrik: Learn from Konahrik. When low on health, chance to heal, cast fire cloak and summon an allied dragon priest. Customizable.
  • Hevnoraak: Learn from Hevnoraak. Immunity from disease.
  • Visage of Mzund: Learn from Visage of Mzund. Adds steam breath lesser power to player.
  • Ahzidal's Vision: Learn from Ahzidal's Helm of Vision. Increases the range of rune spell but increases their magicka cost.
  • Telescopic Sight: Learn from Telekinesis. Allows player to see item names at a distance.

  • Backstab: Learn from Ancient Shrouded Gloves. Sneak attack damage for blades x2.
  • Pugilist Gloves: Learn from Gloves of the Pugilist. Increases unarmed damage by 10 pts.
  • Ringe of Hircine: Learn from Ring of Hircine. Allows unlimited transformations into a werewolf.
  • Ring of Namira Cannibalism: Learn from Ring of Namira. Activating a corpse while sneaking and weapon sheathed gives cannibalism option.
  • Ahziadal's Ring of Arcana Ignite: Learn from Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana. Adds the spell Ignite to the player.
  • Ahziadal's Ring of Arcana Freeze: Learn from Ahzidal's Ring of Arcana. Adds the spell Freeze to the player.
  • Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy: Learn from Ahzidal's Ring of Necromancy. Reanimated bodies explode for frost damage on death.
  • Bound Pickaxe: Learn from Hoarfrost. When attempting to mine, summons a pickaxe.
  • Bound Woodcutting Axe: Learn from Poacher's Axe. When attempting to cut wood, summons a woodcutter's axe.
  • Sheathe Soul Trap: Learn from Battleaxe of Fiery Souls, Fiery Soul Trap Enchantment, Soul Tear. When an enemy is in bleedout, sheathing your weapon will instantly kill the enemy and attempt to trap their soul. This will also add a charge to Shared Charges regardless of whether the soul was captured.
  • Ahzidal's Warding: Learn from Ahzidal's Gauntlets of Warding. Reduces the durability of wards, but allows wards to absorb 50% of spells.

  • Predator's Grace: Learn from Predator's Grace. Increases the rate of stamina regen by 20%.
  • Improved Waterwalking: Learn from Ahzidal's Boots of Waterwalking. Waterwalking that allows player to submerge themselves by moving and looking directly down.

How To Use:
Watch the above video from the start or read the following

All of these options are available by activating the book [INEQ] Infused Equipment (if missing, add with "player.additem  xx0D0224" where xx is the load order of InfusedEquipment.esp

  • To Use an ability it must first be learned from a source item or spell by clicking Learn a new Ability in the main menu. For example, selecting this with the Bloodskal Blade in your inventory will teach you that ability
  • The ability but then be activated by selecting Select Abiliites , selecting the matching slot and clicking activate for the corresponding ability. For example this would be Select Abiliites > Main Melee > Activate (click the number matching Bloodskal Blade)
  • An item must be infused to attach the abilities to that item. To do this, drop the book then drop the item you want to infuse. For example, dropping any non-dagger melee weapon like an iron mace will infuse that item in the Main Melee slot and allow it to use the Bloodskal ability if activated.
  • Infused items don't need to be reinfusd when activating a new ability, just reequip them.


It's encouraged to use other combat mods that increase difficulty to compliment INEQ

Some combat abilities use various charging mechanics to prevent them from overuse. These can be tweaked via Charge Options and the magnitude of the charges can be changed through individual Ability Options.

  • Distance Travelled: Generates a charge after a certain distance has been travelled. This is independent of the player's skills and will typically recharge an ability over the distance it takes to travel between dungeons. Options include toggling the inclusion of fast travel distance and allowing the mod to track distance even when nothing needs charging.
  • Magicka Siphon: Where does all that excess MP regen go when your MP is full? This siphons that MP and uses it to charge your abilities. Abilities that use this to charge are competing for the same pool of MP, so each ability has a priority to decide which one gets recharged first. The higher priority ability is charged first. If priority is the same, the abilities charge simultaneously, dividing the charges. This is highly affected by the player's MP regen which can reach about 50 mp / second in combat if the player specializes for that.
  • Ordinarily the Magicka Siphon only works at max MP, however there is also an option to charge below the max by directly siphoning from 0 - 100% of your mp regen.
  • Shared Charges: Uses other sources to generate charges and stores them for other abilities. In addition to Distance Travelled and Magicka Siphon, some abilities can add charges such as being hit with the Auriel Shield ability or using the Sheathe Soul trap successfully. Default, you can store 5 Shared Charges, but this can be changed in the Charge Options.

Other Options:

  • Activate All Abilities: Activates all learned abilities or, if Cheat Mode is on, every ability
  • Deactivate All Abilities:  Deactivates every active ability
  • Restore Defaults: Returns any value modified in an ability or charge option menu to its default value
  • Full Rest: Selecting (Must Relearn Abilities) will wipe all learned abilities from the save which is only useful if you want to completely restart the mod. Most likely you will want to select (Keep learned abilities) which can resolve issues and MUST BE USED BEFORE UNINSTALLING either plugins for this mod or the mod itself
  • Cheat Mode -> On/Off: Cheat mode allows you to activate abilities regardless of whether you have learned them. Turning cheat mode off will deactivate any abilities you have not property learned.


This mod makes a single edit to the Player (000007) to apply the Bleedout Override flag for the Passive Ward ability. Any mod that edits the Player in a way other than this will require a patch unless you don't intend to use the Passive Ward.

Some abilities like the Bloodskal and Auriel abilities use the spells from the original game. This means that any mods you use to modify these vanilla entries will be conveyed to the effects of the abilities (such as damage increases).

Installation / Uninstallation:


Installation is simply a matter of placing InfusedEquipment.esp and InfusedEquipment.bsa into the Data folder. Use Mod Organizer to improve your life.

Uninstalling the mod requires you to Full Reset the mod from the menu and then remove the files like you would for any other mod.

VERY IMPORTANT: When uninstalling this mod or a plugin for this mod you MUST go to
Other Options > Full Reset > Yes(keep abilities)
This prevents scripts from being left active after uninstallation.

If you failed to follow these instructions and can't revert to an earlier save, try installing the same plugins you had at the time of uninstallation and following these instructions properly... your results may vary....

Updating steps will depend on the update, but it's probably safer to use the Deactivate All Abilities option before updating.

Custom Plugins:

Mod Authors can create their own Abilities and Recharge Sources and add them into the framework this mod provides. An examples plugin demonstrating how you can do this is in the downloads section. If the CK throws (more than the usual number of) errors at you, make sure you installed all the associated scripts.

If you're not interested in scripting, you can attach the scripts INEQ_AddPerkOnEquip.psc and INEQ_AddAbilityOnEquip.psc to MagicEffects to give the player a certain skill. If the ability is for a melee weapon or shield, use the *1H.psc and *Shield.psc versions of these scripts instead.

If you are interested in scripting, I recommend reading the source for the scripts used in the mod, specifically INEQ_EventListnerBase.psc and the scritps mentioned above. Every ability extends these and makes writing the abilities themselves relatively simple. For recharge sources, check out INEQ_RechargeBase.psc and then look into the states and main functions of INEQ_MagickaSiphon and INEQ_DistanceTravelled for how to implement one.

The abilities are housed in quests which INEQ_RegisterPlugin.psc registers to InfusedEquipment.esp (see XMPL__MAIN in the example plugin)

IMPORTANT: If you decide to start making/editing a custom plugin, remember to Esmify InfusedEquipment.esp before doing so. This can be done easily by right clicking on the mod in Wrye Smash and selecting Esmify. Just remember to Espify it back when you're done with editing.

To do:

I would like to be able to make the menus more streamlined and add UI elements for the charging mechanics. Some of the scripts could also be made faster. A better or more efficient workaround for Skyrim's equipping limitations (see below) would also be nice, but it seems unlikely.

Known Issues:

  • As a workaround to the way the game equips offhand weapons the mod isn't always certain whether the item you just equipped is the infused item or an item of the same base type. For this reason, try not to dual wield weapons of the same Base ID or to keep 1-handed weapons or shields of the same Base ID in your inventory. For example, if you infused an ebony sword, try not to have more than one ebony sword in your inventory and instead use a follower to store more than one of that item.
  • As you activate many abilities, un/equipping items can sometimes result in a brief stutter, if this is annoying, consider it a balancing mechanic to prevent you from using too many abilities at once ;)

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