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Automatically equip and unequip arrows.
Works with any bow/crossbow, including bound bows.
Supports any mod out of the box.

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Automatically (un)equips arrows when you (un)equip a bow/crossbow.
Also works with bound bows, and any bow/crossbow/arrows/bolts added by any mod.

It remembers last 30 different bows or crossbows, and arrows/bolts you used with each of them.

Equip a bow (or conjure magical bound bow)
  • If you had any arrows equipped with this bow before, they will get automatically equipped (if you have them).
  • If you dont have the arrows saved for the bow you equipped, the game will equip some other arrows (default vanilla game behaviour), but keep the original arrows-to-bow assignment so once you get resuply of the original arrows, they will get to be equipped again (bow will have to be re-equipped to trigger equipping of the arrows).

Equip arrows of your choice
  • Any arrows/bolts you equip in the inventory menu, will be assigned to currently equipped bow/crossbow, and automatically equipped next time you equip the same bow/crossbow.