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Replaces Goblins in Skyrim with Vampires while keeping fixes from USSEP with no race edits. Easily made to work with your fav body & tex. Some changes affect both PC as well as NPC. 3 Versions to choose from

Permissions and credits

Updated for SSE from original found here CVO

There is now a combined Version of CVO and VFR for XBOX


Cos·met·ic (Vampire Overhaul)

1. involving or relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a Vampires appearance

1. a product applied to the Vampires body, especially the face, to improve its appearance

Its no secret that using Dawnguard turns vampires into goblins. There are already many good (some not so good) mods/guides that have helped with this and if done correctly you can get back to your old pretty human self. Some like the goblin thing in which case you can stop reading this as it is not for you. For everyone else though its a real struggle battling the ugly that was injected with the DLC. If your only looking to improve your player character & want all other vampires to stay ugly your better served using existing fixes, however if you are like me and might spend more than 10 sec in the company of others it is quite jarring and something needed to be done

It was my intent to remove the goblin look but I also did make an effort to try and not change too much from a possible or existing vanilla appearance. In keeping with this all changes were done in CK with vanilla sliders/settings. The goal was to make them look nicer without feeling out of place for the game they are in


Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

General Changes:

Equality for the sexes - Females now reference one vampire texture set ( SkinHeadFemaleVampire ) instead of 3 same as males which continue to use
( SkinHeadMaleDarkElfVampire ) unchanged
the other 2 ( SkinHeadFemaleDarkElfVampire & SkinHeadFemaleOrcVampire ) are no longer being used. This also makes it easier to manage your vampire textures for use with this if you have a texture replacer for female as you only have 1 to change instead of 3

Vampires drink blood...not soil - No mud faced Vampires "NPC"
If your PC gets a dirty face you can try Clean your Vampire

Vampires are creatures of the sun? - No, they are not supposed to be out during the day and should look like it. All have been set to now use the lightest skin tone preset for their race

Less makeup - this is going to be very subjective and there is no way around it. First, like the dirt that causes issues in game many though not all of the makeup ends up looking really bad as well. There is likely to be changes here in the future but they will be minor. I cant possibly describe each change for each NPC but most are using less

Vampires are Vampires are not Human are Vampires - all now use vampire head part/texture set and no longer bounce between human/vampire. Before you freak out know that this is part of the necessary change to maintain control in your game for their appearance. Also it was primarily being used to give them ugly not pretty human layers anyways

Vampirism is not bodist - One of the reasons vampire encounters felt similar even with additional NPC added by DLC is that 90% of them could fit in size zero or under. This has been changed so there is now more variation in body size for both sexes. Bustier vampire lovers rejoice although thats not why I did it but your welcome anyways. Unique named were not changed as if you met them already would create a neck gap if I did which is never fun to deal with


CVO B & C comes with custom eyes in red and blue which are distributed evenly across vampires. These will of course if not changed also apply to your player if they are set as vampire determined by their vampire race record as set by DG/USLEP. To customize/troubleshoot see below


There are 3 versions of Main file here A,B & C

Version A:

This is the minimal version which contains no external assets

Vampires will still be sunken, no change to mouth or eyes and only looks good if you have not replaced the vampire eyes or if you do only with those textures that still look decent through a bright yellow glow

Version B:

This is the Version most users will want

Replaces vampire eyes with both Red & Blue

I have used a neutral mesh so that any vampire eye texture should look good if you replace them with something else

Vampires will also now have the modified fangs from the excellent mod "Fangs and Eyes" by Aipex8

Vampires went to the VFR clinic & will no longer have sunken anything

This does not include sunken fix for your PC for compatibility reasons. My mod Vampire Facial Reclamation is what I use & recommend if you are able to use it. If not you will need to find one that is compatible with whatever you are using

Version C:

Same as B but with glowing eyes

Unlike B the eyes were made specifically for the included textures and may not look good if replaced with something else

How to use CVO correctly:

To use this mod as intended there is one thing you should do if you are using any texture replacer for male & or female (99% of you are doing this) and want vampires to look like the ones here. Navigate to your actual or virtual game DATA folder and under textures\actors\character\male and or female\ look for the following texture files malehead, malehead_msn and or femalehead, femalehead_msn copy and rename the copies as maleheadvampire, maleheadvampire_msn and or femaleheadvampire, femaleheadvampire_msn

Vampires to include your player will now use the same textures as humans and will no longer have batfaces or badly drawn bloodlines splitting their faces in half. This is why I chose not to direct vampires to use human is not necessary if this is done and would limit initial compatibility as that would require a direct edit in the race records.

It should be noted that since all vampires are now using those textures you can of course use slightly or heavily modified variations of the same to set them apart from humans if you want. My advice is to start with the above and then feel free to alter as desired to include bitemarks, custom blood overlays etc

If the above is followed CVO can be made to work with any texture set out there but keep in mind that your vampires are only as pale as the skin allows. How light/pale they look is fully dependent on what you have installed in your game Example


All images from me ( Excluding here in DESC ) to include the main banner were taken with USSEP & CVO only no other mods to include texture replacers were used so what you see is what you get. While you dont have to use anything else I strongly recommend using complimentary mods which replace and improve upon vanilla skin and headparts such as Hair, Eyebrows etc
The following were used alongside this for all images here in DESC sans Banner as an example

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Superior Lore-Friendly Hair by skyrimaguas
Brows by Hvergelmir
2k Lip Tints by Miriam

There are of course many other alternative mods which cover all of the above with countless variations so find what works best for you and when you do feel free to post your own recommendations preferably also submitting your own image(s) as well so others can see


This mod edits all NPC flagged as Vampire with USSEP active from the 10 playable vampire races. CVO does not edit child-elder or Serana to include her family. There is now by request an optional file ElderBlood which includes Serana-Harkon-Valerica-Alva

You should have no issue using this alongside Overhauls such as Better Vampires, Sacrosanct etc and would only have issue if they also make cosmetic change or edit NPC which is not likely. Same goes for mods which change Vampirelord

Eye mods usually place vampire eye mesh/textures as loose files so if you would like to use the included here see Eyes: for directions on removing those

Enhanced Character Edit

Fangs & Eyes

The following mods should not be used with this as they make direct edits to the vampire races without fwd fixes from USSEP and or the changes made are not compatible

For specific mods which you find are not compatible you may report these in forum as a courtesy for other users


Game ctd on load = where is USSEP?

Face Texture issues = please go back and read "How to use CVO correctly"

There are no blackfaces with this mod alone. There of course can be when used with others if proper conflict resolution is not followed. Details on what can cause this in your game and what you can do to try and fix below

Troubleshooting Blackfaces


You may not upload this to other sites, if I want it there ill put it there myself

You may host a patched esp to get CVO compatible with mods that alter vampires non-appearance stats such as AI/Combat/lvls/outfits/class etc, if you do this add CVO to your Requirements that way it is hot linked on both our pages without the need for me to add it myself. If you dont know how to do this ask me

For the new Eyes included in Version B or C

Meshes and Textures Custom for CVO by me with the original un-altered textures from Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy. If you would like to use these for follower/NPC no permission from me is needed please link back to both mods as a courtesy and credit HHaleyy as the original creator

For anything not listed above just ask me via PM


Fangs and Eyes - A Vampire Appearance Mod by Aipex8
For mouth TRI files

Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
For the base vampire eye texture
Also an excellent skin texture for females as it allows a smooth pale look while also being suitable for non vampire NPC that use darker skin tones


I welcome all comments provided they are offered with a positive intent to include advice/suggestions for any future changes and to help other users to enjoy this by offering advice if they run into problems

If you run into an NPC that you feel is not working/looking correctly and you think it is this I need the name ID. Saying a non descript vampire of unknown origin spawned and was missing a head is not helpful. Saying a Vampire Fledgling with ID of XXXX is correct. Please know that anytime I am able to check and verify said claim it will be with the base game, USLEP and CVO only loaded. Having issues due to another mod is a compatibility issue not a bug. If I cant replicate it with only those 3 active then you will need to look at your other mods