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"Tell her I want apple cabbage stew, with some canis root tea." -Neloth

Ever wondered where the canis root tea that Neloth talks about so much is? Well, here it is!

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Neloth always talks about his canis root tea, but isn't it a bit weird how canis root tea is nowhere to be found in Skyrim at all? Or even Solstheim? Well this mod adds in canis root tea, and (planned) different variations of the canis root tea for your player to enjoy!

Canis root tea:
-Various places in Tel Mithryn

Dreadful canis root tea:
-The Retching Netch, on top of a barrel on the first floor

Juniper canis root tea:
-Nowhere, yet

Thistle canis root tea:
-Nowhere, yet

Planned features:
-More types of canis root tea
-Placing the tea on the tables of tea-lovers and food merchants throughout Skyrim and Solstheim

Version 1.0:
*Added canis root tea
*Crafting recipe for canis root tea

Version 1.1:
*Added dreadful canis root tea
*Placed tea in Tel Mithryn and The Retching Netch

Version 1.2:
*Added thistle canis root tea
*Added juniper canis root tea
*Added a secret type of tea, found only in one place in Skyrim
*Edited effects of canis root tea