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Added: 03/03/2017 - 09:22PM
Updated: 26/07/2017 - 05:59PM

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Last updated at 17:59, 26 Jul 2017 Uploaded at 21:22, 3 Mar 2017


  • Each original unique dog is now visually unique
  • ~80 new dog instances across Skyrim in total
  • ~10 new NPC owned puppies
  • ~20 new NPC owned dogs
  • NPC owned dogs and puppies follow their owners around
  • Each breed has realistic size data which is also changed from dog to dog
  • Big dog types are more powerful in combat
  • Rare and exotic Durzog and Nix Hound companions from Morrowind
  • Hyena!
  • Slof's dog retex by AlienSlof
  • Imperials keep Rottweilers, Stormcloaks keep Snowy Alsatians
  • Orcs appear to breed large black guard dogs
  • Forsworn keep huge Rottweilers (living outdoors with barbarians makes for healthy dogs)
  • Jarl Balgruuf keeps hounds
  • New for SSE: Dogs are quieter in that they will bark hello and at certain events but it is not constant like vanilla behaviour

NifOptimizer from ousnius was used for SSE mesh and skeleton conversation
Tested for 2+ months in SSE to ensure compatibility
Removed shine from the meshes to fit into the new light reflections found in SSE
Updated a few textures to match SSE compatibility

1.5 Update
Added names for all the dogs so it is easier to bug track
Added 2 new Huskeys to adopt
Meeko has his own unique Husky skin :) 

1.7 Update:
There are now adoptable dogs from the Dog Hut that features 14 unique dogs to call your own. 

2.0 Update:
A special adventure just for you. Enjoy :)


The only known compatibility issue is texture mismatch bugs when using another dog mesh/texture replacer at the same time, including AV packages. Apparently adding this mod to "AV exclusion list" fixes issues caused by Automatic variants. In other words, before installation, clear out:

Data/meshes/actors/caninecharacter assets 

Simply add a folder as a backup in case you uninstall this mod and want the other meshes or textures back. Easy!

If you use MEEKO place MEEKO under Dogs of Skyrim SSE so that Meeko's texture doesn't get overwritten. - Thank you Lumenia for pointing that out :)

Recommended Mods:

Immersive Good Boy - by  kenichimightiest - makes the doggie dialogue more immersive and friendly :)
Quiet Dog by azzendix - no matter how much quiet I tried to make the dogs, some of them are still yappy, his mod fixes it even more


If you have downloaded ANY OTHER dog model or texture, follow directions from above first
Use NMM to install. I cannot be responsible for people who use MO. 
Do not unpack the BSAs this could cause your game to exhibit wrong and bad behaviour. 


Uninstall from NMM. 


  • For the addition of the Durzog from SkyMoMod
  • Mr. Sikka: Base model
  • Star-X: Retexture
  • Dogtown1: Mesh edits and rigging
  • GendunDrup: Suggesting the Durzog as an addition to this mod and acquiring permissions from the above
  • For the addition of the Slof Hound from Slof's Dog RetexAlienSlof
  • For the addition of the Nix Hound, Skinned Hound, Hyena and Horker Dog from Nexus Creature Resource
  • GendunDrup: Textures, models and editing
  • Dogtown1: Conversion of Nix Hound base model from Witcher
  • For the revision and improvement of original dog type appearances
  • Gamwich: Texture editing
  • Ichibu for permissions to port this!


RU by kopasov
FR by Sylom

This mod belongs to Ichibu, please contact Ichibu and go by his stated permissions :) Thank you