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Adds a few alchemy -based effects into enchantments. Requires Wrye Bash.

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Adds a few alchemy based effects into enchantments, and then adds those enchantments into few generic items, and the adds those items into leveled lists.

The effects are:

  • Empower Destruction (Increases x% damage/potency of destruction effects).

  • Regenerate Health (increases the speed of health regeneration)

  • Fortify Speechcraft (increases speechcraft skill by x points)

  • Prolong Conjuration (conjuration spells last x% longer)

  • Prolong Alteration (alteration spell last x% longer)


Yes, I'm sure there are other mods that have added these and more many many years ago, but the spell mods that I use do not have these, and I'm tired of re-creating this mod every time I lose my source files.

Requires Wrye Bash!

No, Wrye Bash is not optional, it's absolutely necessary, because the leveled lists I made, are made via the lazy method, aka hard overrides, and without a a merged patch like what Wrye Bash makes, you are going to be missing most mod added leveled items if you try to skip this step.

Is this .ESL?