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This is a collection of weapons created by FavoredSoul, all weapons are craftable and improved
All credit goes to FavoredSoul and thank to him for this fantastic mod

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This is a collection of all the weapons and shields created by Favored Soul
I changed some names to some weapons to be a little more cool and fantasy 
All weapons are craftable and can be improved also shields can be improved
Belathor will sell the shields to you
(some weapons are craftable everywhere others only in skyforge)

1 Mace of Blessing
2 Hammer of the ColdHeart
3 Sword of the Darkwaters
4 Sword of Judgment
5 Knife of the Soft Killer
6 Sword of the SkyHolder
7 Sword of Tornado of Souls (2hands)
8 Sword of Truth
9 Sword of Whispering
10 Sword of Ygrayne

11 Shield Steelclash
12 Shield Westland Rondache
13 Shield Lion's Courage

You can find also some of this swords as single download and original name here:

If you have immersive jewelles overwrite with my mod, that mod use some files from Favored soul mod
that probably have not been deleted,mine cover Weapons so overwrite.

See my weapons at 7.45, tnx to Ikari to let this mod be part of this video

You can also get any of this swords and shields with command console Help "name of weapon" 0 and then Player.additem Id 1

Shields can be find in Belathor shops (yes he will sell them, remember to take your sister maybe you will get a discount)


PREVIOUS WORK and porting:

PREVIOUS WORK and porting:

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FavoredSoul for making these favolous weapons and let them free of permission use
Beth for the game