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Enai Siaion - Modded by Gamma Lead

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Enai Siaion's mod, with a few perk edits to improve survivability on legendary.

Permissions and credits
I am considering this mod as complete, and will likely not update further, at least in this format. I'm currently using and testing a version of this mod that has the effects attached to shields. I am liking that better than the perks, as it's less overpowered (cannot have the effects all the time) and also allows you to naturally toggle the effects. I may release a version with these changes later on if enough interest is shown.

First thing's first: I am crediting Enai Siaion as the owner of this mod Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim. In the Permissions, he allows just about anything (modification and re-posting of his mod being one) so long as credit is given--I took the extra step and also am linking his page and his mod. I only took the mod, and changed two perks (more planned for the future, depending on my desire and reception of the ideas).

As with all of my mods, SSEEdit was used to make the changes. This time, I use Ordinator as a base, and saved it in the CK to properly format the changes.

This edit came about because I was a player who likes armor, and wanted to get bonuses from some of the perks that unarmored mages received. Also, one of the perks you could get, Energy Shield, reminded me of Spirit Shields from a game I used to play, and I kind of wanted the effects in-game. As I am still very new to modding, I decided to use another's assets and just use this as a 'perk applies effect' rather than 'equip item to get perk'.

In my games, I was also experiencing a problem where I kept getting 1-shot by any and all enemies, even though I had 100 smithing and dragonscale armor (90+ light armor and perks), 100 enchanting and Summermyst - SSE's version of Wintermyst, ebonyflesh, and 500+ health. I wanted to be able to survive more and not die when an enemy decided to sneeze on me. I also didn't want to be overpowered.

My idea?

Perks changed:

Energy Shield --> Elysian Shield (requires 75 Alteration)
New effect: Negates 25% of all damage 70% of the time. Since this is woefully underpowered on Legendary, I scaled it with the difficulty so it actually negates 50% of all damage 70% of the time.

Basically I used the "GetRandomPercent" function to call less than or equal to 70 and if the number generated falls in the range, 50% of the attack/magicdamage is reduced.

Tome of Many Pages --> Divine shield (requires 75 Restoration)
New effect: Stops combat magicka regeneration. Negates 30% of all damage 100% of the time (only activates during combat), at the cost of 15% magicka. Does not work if you have 0 magica. Again, to scale it up to more better match legendary, it negates 60% of all damage at the cost of 20% magicka. I've added a conditional that stops the power if you have a wooden bowl in your inventory... This power would be better attached to an armor piece (eg shield) to act as its toggle. I've actually done this for my personal mod collection, and like it a bit more.

I accomplished this by using the scripts and effects of the original Energy Shield, only adding a constant -1000 magic regen malus to the perk holder whenever they are in combat, and removing the armor requirements and tiered damage reduction. This system is flawed, as I still wanted to allow magica regen with potions (magica can still regen normally if a sufficiently stron regeneration potion was used, though if running a patched game, this shouldn't be possible. The best way to prevent regen would be to set the actual AV for magicka regeneration to 0, but then potions don't work, and that defeats some of the purpose for me. I use flesh spells and conjuration, and want to be able to use the effect even after I run out of magicka the first time instead of being forced to wait until the end of combat to gain magicka again.

Energy shield was chosen since it was close to the base perk, and already had a similar effect. Tome of Many Pages was chosen because I didn't like the power and it's proximity to the base perk as well. Priority (if you have both shields): Elysian --> Divine. I edited it that way so you could theoretically save some magicka, and you can still save a larger chunk if the Elysian effect fails to activate. Otherwise, the 'free' damage reduction would still punish you with the larger magicka drain.

I've also cleaned up the magic effects list by removing the smithing perks from showing up there--you can still see which perks you have selected by opening the skill menu, or smithing menu.

I've slightly increased the zoom on the steady hands perks.

Download and install Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim
Download and install my mod
Optional -- bash my patch

Make sure you do not have any of my perks selected and uninstall my mod.
Optional -- rebuild bashed patch

Same conflicts as Ordinator has. Make sure to load my mod after ordinator to get the shields!

Future plans:
- Possibly add a new shield to shields/conjuration that increases armor rating a bit and adds some spell absorption
- Other ideas?

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