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Adds a spell and enchantment Blood Drain, that fills a craftable bottle into a Potion of Blood.

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Get Prettier Blood Bottles from Potion of Blood - My version SE -mod
Blood Drain - Potion of Blood Harvesting patch.) by Xtudo.


Adds two new Spells and an Enchantment "Blood Drain" and "Blood Cloak", that fill an "Empty Blood Bottle" into a "Potion of Blood", when a "normal" Human/Elf dies under their effect, aka like the Soul Trap -spell. This is an .ESL -plugin.

Where to Get?

Spell books and a sword containing the spells & the enchantment can be found in the Volkihar Castle basement room, right before the thrall cages. See the screenshot for more precise location in that room.


You can also just type into the console:

help "Blood Drain" 0
help "Blood Cloak" 0

Which will return the ID that you can then use the command:



Empty Blood Bottles can be created at any smelter by combining 1 glass and 1 leather strip.

Furthermore, you can also break down empty wine bottles and skooma bottles into 1 glass at a smelter.