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  • Opulent Outfits - Outfit fix details.

    Opulent Outfits - Outfit Fix details
    Introduced v1.6

    A long standing issue existed in both the original OMoW mod AND Vanilla\USLEEP. A number of mage NPCs, were given robes(outfits) that matched neither their class, or spell packages. All Opulent Outfit-2018 NPCs outfits have now been matched to (better) reflect the casters abilities. The new mastery outfits (v3.6) are assigned for cases where classes are rather poorly defined, as well as for greater variety. DLC casters are not given Opulent Outfits, they wear their local garb. 
    The opulent outfits, are assumed to be generally available on Tamriel, and not, in remote outlying locations like Solstheim.

    Opulents has also overhauled and modernized the outfit assignments themselves. They are more consi...

  • What is a 'Bug'

    I am glad you asked.....

    A great many of posters, I cannot help noticing, are rather carefree, and careless, when it comes to the use of the term 'bug'. Let us clarify a few things.

    'Bug' - Defined

    Is an actual error in the file itself. Something the file has set up in a way that is, fundamentally wrong, and breaks something in a basic, way that so that EVERYONE experiences it, author, users, and is easily observed or replicated even if all installation procedures are followed correctly. Bugs, can be very minor, or major, or anywhere in between. A 'bug', needless to say, is something you don't want to see in game.

     However, Some(ok many) are incapable of distinguishing 'feature', from 'bug'. Another issue really, but related.

  • Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting - Opulent Outfits SSE

    Issue: Naked or partially clothed NPCs

    This is by far the most common issue that occurs in Opulent, since it deals with extensively with NPC outfit changes, usually in existing saves. And yes, it happens to everyone, and that is because it is an engine issue. It is not a 'bug' in the mod per as such.
    The issue will be never be 'fixed' by Bethesda or even USSEP, so we are stuck with it. Thankfully, it is not difficult to fix.
    Read on......

    Note: You will not experience this issue if starting a new game with Opulent Outfits-2018 installed. 
    This issue can occur when you are installing or updating Opulent 2018 in EXISTING games (saves). 
    It can occur anytime a mod introduces an outfit...