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"Dovaogēdys! Your shield is your body, your other hand is your spear, thrust me all your enemies shall fall." Nah just kiddin, fight like an Unsullied with this mod! This animation mod will give you a new shield animations.

Permissions and credits
First of all I loved this mod of krish's but the author seems busy to convert it to SSE, so I've decided to convert it using dnalloh1987's guide and share it to the community, it's also so underrated and hopefully it'll to get more exposure from SSE users. Cheers!

Anyways not much left to say so just look at the images provided in this page or simply visit the Oldrim mod's page Phalanx Stance - Alternative Block Idle by krish698

-Download using NMM button
-Install through your mod manager e.g. NMM
-Doesn't replace anything unless you're using a mod that functions the same way, simply replace if it asked if you want to use this mod. If you're using Immersive Animations by Bergzore Simply replace everything but install that mod first just in case.

Credits to krish698
Credits to dnalloh1987 for conversion guide