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This mod applies Cathedral Armory changes to most CC armor and weapon meshes. There are also misc fixes to the meshes included.

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Feel free to add screenshots! My Skyrim is a bit of a mess right now.

This mod applies Cathedral Armory changes to most CC armor and weapon meshes. This does not change any of the CC textures, so they still aren't exactly going to match perfectly. I decided that making everything I can consistent is one step closer to full Cathedral Armory coverage. These will look best with retextures that cover both vanilla and CC armors. If I don't list it, it either didn't need changing or couldn't be changed satisfactorily. Mainly, I avoided messing with Stalhrim.

I personally started making this for use with the new retextures by Xavbio. Many of them have patches for Cathedral Armory, but those just add environmental masks that match their retextures to vanilla armor. They do not add the Cathedral cubemaps as well. Some of the fixes I made, however, will make CC stuff more compatible with any retexture, at least with the CC stuff that uses vanilla parts.

This includes fixes/changes from the Unofficial Patch, Unofficial Creation Club Content Patch, Creation Club Asset Patch, Creation Club - Misc Patches, and Creation Club Content Properly Environment Mapped. It does not cover all the changes these things make, just where they overlap, I made the same changes to the meshes. I also ended up fixing things along the way.

There is also a version if you only have the free content Saints and Seducers.

Saints and Seducers (Only the Seducer/Saint equipment)

Daedric Plate
Daedric Mail
Iron Plate
Orcish Plate
Orcish Scale
Steel Soldier Armor
Dwarven Plate
Dwarven Mail
Ebony Plate
Elven Mail
The Cause
The Contest
Fearsome Fists
Spell Knight Armor
Fishing - Draugr weapons, Last Rites
Sunder and Wraithguard
Civil War Champions
Vigil Enforcer Armor Set (Corrupted has its own cubemap for many parts, but I applied the steel settings in the mesh)
Redguard Elite Armaments (Just Zulfiqar and the shield)
Saints and Seducers (Only the Seducer/Saint equipment)
Ghost of the Tribunal (other than St Felm's Cleaver)
Elite Crossbows
Expanded Crossbow Pack
Iron and Orcish bolts from Rare Curios
Bow of Shadows
Cyrus's Saber and Blackwater Blade from Dead Man's Dread
Lord's Mail
Horse Armor - Elven and Steel
Forgotten Seasons

If you don't have all the CC, you'll end up with some extra files, but it won't hurt. I might make an installer version later.
Cathedral Armory, of course
A mod that makes Sunder a mace instead of a war-axe for some damn reason. I'm not making this optional because I legit couldn't open the original mesh in Nifscope at all to change the settings I needed, so I used the mesh from a mod that does that.
Possible mods that do this: Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub, Reliquary of Myth, or Creation Club - Misc Patches.

I noticed that one of the first person Wraithguard meshes didn't have the cubemap assigned correctly. This is fixed.
The Golden Saint weapons only half had cubemaps assigned for some reason. Fixed that.
Adds an environment map mask to the Golden Saint quiver and scabbards.
Adds an environment map mask to the Dark Seducer scabbards.
The Golden Saint mace and waraxe used the same strap as the Dark Seducer weapons. Gave it its own texture, just in case a Dark Seducer retexture conflicts. As a result, the details on these are also gold without changing the color of the leather.
Orcish plate and scale had cubemaps, but the environment map scale was set to 0 so they wouldn't show. Fixed that.
Orcish plate armor Fs both had the environment map mask set to the environment map mask of the boots. Fixed that.
Orcish scale gauntlets all had the main texture in the environmental map mask texture field. Fixed that.
Just... a lot of stuff with the Fearsome Fists. A bunch of absolute file paths corrected, a wrong file path corrected.

These are vanilla meshes, not CBBE or UNP or anything.
Load any of this mod's patches after everything else
Load the Crimson Trail Open Helmets patch after the On a Crimson Trail patch.
Read the pinned post for Golden Saint Armory Revamped patch info.

The Unofficial Patch
Unofficial Creation Club Content Patch
Creation Club Asset Patch, Creation Club - Misc Patches
Creation Club Content Properly Environment Mapped.
Legacy of the Dragonborn - Creation Club Patch Hub, Reliquary of Myth, and Creation Club - Misc Fixes.
Orcish Armors and Weapons Retexture SE (Or don't install that mod's Fearsome Fists patch. I do my own texture path fixes for Fearsome Fists CC.)

Spell Knight Armor - Pauldrons Removed. The pauldrons are the only metal on the first person arms anyway, so it's fine.
Praedy's Staves. These already use the same cubemaps.
Imperial Armors and Weapons Retexture SE. Minimal changes to those armors, and this will ensure everything looks consistent with his retextures.

There are two main mods that replace the Daedric Mail and Elven Hunter helmets. This has made helmet patches a bit complicated. I have options for On a Crimson Trail, UCCCP, and both with Open Helmets. However, while Xavbio does have a texture for UCCCP's Elven Hunter helmet, they don't cover the UCCCP Daedric Mail Helmet or either helmet for On a Crimson Trail. The meshes I have available will override these with ones that point to the main Daedric Helmet texture and Xavbio's Elven Hunter helmet texture respectively. I tried to make this as easy as possible to figure out which one you need. Only install ONE patch per helmet. This does not include textures or anything from Xavbio's work or On a Crimson Trail, it's all in the meshes and where the meshes point to texture-wise. The original mods are absolutely required.

As for Golden Saint Armory Revamped, it does not include the Golden Saint weapons, so they stick out. I have approached patching this in two ways, and which one you use is entirely up to taste. I have uploaded a screenshot to show how the colors compare.

Both versions include weapon textures from Kartoffel's Creation Club Anniversary Cleaned and Upscaled. These are what were used as a base for Golden Saint Armory Revamped, so they will be closer to matching the armor fully than they would be otherwise. I tweaked the colors of a few of them in the Revamped version. For some reason, some of them just don't look like each other under the same lighting circumstances, namely the bladed weapons were too washed out and the scabbards didn't want to take color at all. It's not perfect, but I've done what I can without redoing them altogether.

The Revamped version applies the environmental map and specular settings from Golden Saint Armory Revamped to the Cathedral CC weapons so their color matches.
The Revamped Cathedral Gold version keeps the Cathedral mesh settings and environmental map for the armor and uses the textures from Golden Saint Armory Revamped. This will also make their color match.