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Looking for a method to stop you from fast travelling all the time? This mod will add more rules to fast travel requests.

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Regional Fast Travel

Mod Description

Looking for a method to stop you from fast travelling all the time? This mod will add more rules to fast travel requests.

By default, this mod will block fast travelling to locations if:
  • You aren't in a location or location doesn't have any data assigned to it.
  • Destiny location is in a different hold/region than the one you're currently in.
  • Destiny location is not considered an habitation or dwelling.
  • Destiny location is owned by factions that you are not a member.*

All of these three settings are optional and can be turned on or off through the .ini file, along with some other settings such as the notification texts and sounds that are going to be displayed.

* If enabled, locations owned by factions will require you to complete certain quests before you can fast travel to them:

  • College of Winterhold == Requires completing "First Lessons".
  • Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary == Requires completing "With Friends Like These...".
  • Dawnstar Sanctuary == Requires completing "Hail Sithis!".
  • High Hrothgar == Requires completing "The Way Of The Voice".
  • Sky Haven Temple == Requires completing "Alduin's Wall".
  • Druadach Redoubt == Requires completing "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" by helping Madanach.
  • Orc Strongholds == Requires completing "The Forgemaster's Fingers" or being an Orc.
  • Imperial Military Camp == Requires completing "Joining the Legion".
  • Sons of Skyrim Military Camp == Requires completing "Joining the Stormcloaks".
  • Dayspring Canyon == Requires completing "A New Order".
  • Castle Volkihar == Requires completing "The Bloodstone Chalice".


The mod was made for and tested in the following versions:
  • 1.6.353.0
  • 1.6.640.0
Other versions may or may not be compatible. Feel free to share your experience.

By default, modded map markers that leads you to another worldspace will not be affected by this mod, you can manually add rules to any map marker through the .json file. Check the mod's articles for more details.




  • powerofthree for CommonLibSSE