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Fixes Light Pillars for the College of Winterhold Bridge and lights it up again

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Note: Please check out my other mod: Enlightened College of Winterhold, it includes the fixes from this mod, as well as numerous enhancements to the college exterior such as more magical wells, more banners, and more magelight wells! Best part? It's made with the design to be compatible with other CoW mods! More specifically Magical College of Winterhold & Immersive College of Winterhold(When it gets ported).

After admittance into the college of Winterhold, Faralda will light up the bridge's light pillars as some sort of grand entrance spectacle, the problem is that those lights will eventually go out when the cell resets and there's absolutely no way in-game for the player to ever light it up again. Sometimes Faralda will even glitch out during the lighting sequence and not light some of the pillars at all. So now you're stuck with a dark and dangerous bridge, forever. Even you, the almighty Dragonborn, the powerful Archmage, can do not a single thing to light up the wells, no matter how many Magelight spells you cast, with all your magic, you are utterly hopeless in the face of broken design by Bethesda. That is, until this solution here came about!

This mod adds new light pillars(and lighting effects) on the bridges so that it'll always be on, permanently! So now you won't ever have to rely on Faralda ever again! 

=== What this Mod Features ===
- Adds three permanently-lit light pillars to the CoW Bridge.
- Light pillars carefully scaled and positioned.
- Appropriate blue aura lighting added to all three points, as they would look if lit up in vanilla.
- LOD enabled, you will be able to see the glorious beams of blue light from the college from a long distance.
- No new scripts, no removed scripts
- No deleted references
- Complimentary to other CoW mods

=== Compatiability ===
Should be compatible with everything, unless it's a mod addressing the same issue, which at the moment there isn't one. This mod adds zero scripts and deletes no references. This mod can be installed at any point of the game and you'll encounter no issues whatsoever!

=== Instillation ===
Just install with ether NMM or plop it in manually, easy

=== Uninstallation ===
Just uninstall with ether NMM or remove it manually, also pretty easy, this is safe to uninstall if you'd rather your bridge stay dark for whatever reason.

=== "Is this a just a port of 'College lights' by bwins95 for Oldrim?" ===
No, this is a new mod built from the ground up. I've put a lot of thought and attention to detail into this mod to make it good, lots of time was spent making sure that the light pillars is at the center, the light pillars in this mod is also LOD enabled as you could see in the pictures, so you could spot the lights coming from the college from a long distance. Hopefully my efforts will show when you try out this fix for yourself. ^w^