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Ports and Rebalances Project Flintlock

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What I have done here is Ported over Project Flintlock (The mod author, Ghosu, has stated that all of his assets are free to use, read about it on the original mod page: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/26653)


I made a fomod installer for easier and more organized installation. I also merged the ammo addon into the rebalanced versions and added versions with the world edits back in (your welcome to all those who have asked, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it was XD)

I added the additional Bullet type addon from the original mod. it has been made for the Rebalanced version of the mod. In other words, they all have additonal crafting requirements and reduced output as well as increased damage for all of the types.

I have also rebalanced the crafting recipes by adding another step and reducing the output as well as making the stronger ammo versions to progressively require more material. to do this, I have added 3 new materials; Lead Bullet, Lead Pellets, and Grenade shell. these 3 materials require the same amount for every recipe, regardless of strength. The kicker? they have an exact 1:1 ratio. as in, for example; 10 rifle cartridges will require 10 Lead bullets. I have also removed the world edits and animated versions... the assets are still included.... but they aren't craftable, and I won't make them craftable because, personally I don't like the animated ones. if you want them in the game, add them yourself.... the models are all there.

Other then these changes, the mod is the same as in oldrim. Even the stats are the same.

The optional file rebalances the ammo and weapon damages. All guns do 1 damage (I don't think I can set it to 0) and the Ammo does more damage now. for example; the heavy rifle cartridge originally did 30 damage, and now it does 60 to make up for the lack of damage on the gun itself. this way, to get the full effect of the guns, you HAVE to use the ammo in the mod, otherwise, it will do very little damage if you use a regular crossbow bolt XD. this version is completely optional, I just thought some people might like it.