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A Wabbajack list by the author of The Phoenix Flavour, Skyrim Modding Essentials, and Welcome to Paradise. Legends of the Frost is Skyrim, but better. Small, lightweight, with optional widescreen patches. Requires AE DLC. Perfect for a first playthrough!

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Legends of the Frost is a lightweight Wabbajack list for Skyrim Special Edition, providing a vanilla-like experience with better graphics, enhanced combat, and a variety of quality of life improvements. It requires and fully supports the Anniversary Edition DLC. LOTF is intended for a first playthrough or for experiencing the new Creations in an only lightly modified environment. While this Wabbajack list has been available since August 2021, it is coming to the Nexus for first time with release 3.0 after having been rebuilt from scratch.


Check out DroppedIceCream's showcase of LOTF!
(Note that it was made for 2.x versions and 3.0 does look noticeably different.)


  • All mod authors whose work is featured in this list. It would not exist without you.
  • Slim & the crew as well as my fellow Wabbajack list curators who made our joint Discord server the cosiest place to be.
  • Miracle of Sound for his beautiful song Legends of the Frost (feat. Malukah) which the list was named after.