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Kevin VanNord and the Pirate Island, located at Dawnstar.

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Kevin VanNord And The Pirates Island

New update to get the key for Kevins boat you must kill the Pirates at ustengrav (the ruins the gray beards send you on first)

Kevin VanNord discovered a rumor about an distant Island out at sea where a group of Pirates settled down and now are growing herbs and collecting treasures for a Daedric Lord but the Daedric Lord is greedy and kept all of the gold for himself. Kevin VanNord likes collecting treasure and spines, so he befriended some Pirates at the Island that was sick of the Daedric lord, the Pirates he befriended told of a heavily guarded treasure deep within the mountains but its guarded by the lord himself, Kevin liked the sound of loot so he planned a heist and hired a boat put together a small crew of mercenaries. The Pirates he made friends with agreed to help with the heist so they are now waiting for his return on the island.
Kevin's boat is located at Dawnstar join his group and set sail to the Island so you can help out with the heist.


Kevin VanNord is a follower so tell him to follow you and all the others around him (the boat)
to get all of them to follow you use a multiple companions mod.
Best multiple companion mods: Amazing Followers Special edition
To play the mod correctly use a multiple followers mod.

Original idea was to make a far cry mod for Skyrim but I remembered I already made one for Fallout 4 so check it out "Fallout 4 Far Cry 3 FO4"

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