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This mod aims to overhaul Skyrim's enchanting system by adjusting potency, scaling and prices of enchantments, as well as fixing the "reload price bug". This mod affects both player enchanted items and leveled loot.

Permissions and credits

Enchanting Adjustments and Price Bug Fix:


Enchanting in Skyrim is a mess. The strengths and prices of enchantments are completely inconsistent and the enchanting system is full of bugs.
This mod aims to overhaul Skyrim's enchanting system by adjusting the strength, scaling and prices of enchantments, as well as fixing the "reload price bug". This mod affects both player enchanted items and leveled loot.


  • Player enchantments scale better.
In vanilla, an enchantment made by a master enchanter (skill at 100 and all perks) is only about 3x stronger than an enchantment made by a novice (skill at 15 and no perk).
In result, compared to leveled items, enchantments made by a novice are too strong and the ones made by a master enchanter are too weak.
This mod doubles this ratio (from about 3 to about 6) but keeps the maximum enchantments strengths the same.
Technically, this mod doubles the skill factor (from 1.25 to 2.5) and halves the strength of the base enchantments.
With this mod, novices' enchantments are on par with the weakest leveled items and masters' enchantments are on par with the strongest leveled items.

  • Enchantments' strengths are adjusted (player crafted and leveled items).
- The enchantments' strengths of player enchanted items are adjusted to be more consistent. (Some enchantments were stronger than other similar enchantments for no reason).
- The enchantments' strengths of some leveled items are adjusted to better fit the new scaling.
- The strength of the muffle enchantment on looted armor was adjusted to better correspond to both the description and it's behavior when an object is enchanted by the player. (Muffle is the only enchantment that's doesn't scale with the player skill/perks.)

  • Enchantments' prices are adjusted (player crafted and leveled items)
- In vanilla, some enchantments are a lot more valuable than others. With this mod, the price of enchanted items is determined primarily by the strength of its enchantment instead if its type.
- This mod tends to lower the prices of enchanted items as well as correcting the value of previously overpriced enchanted items.
- The prices of mage robes are adjusted to better match their enchantments.

  • The reload price bug is fixed.
There is a well know bug concerning gold value of player enchanted items in Skyrim called the "Enchantment Reload Bug": the price of player enchanted items is wrong until the player reloads the game. (Please read the note section for more details about that.) This mod fixes that. Now the price indicated in the inventory is immediately the correct one. However, please note that the price indicated in the enchanting interface is still incorrect. I don't think there is any way to fix that.
A file containing this bug fix only is available.

  • Bugged enchantments are replaced when disenchanting.
There is an unfixable bug in Skyrim that makes the enchantments with multiple effects not scale properly when an item is enchanted by the player. This bug makes enchanting item with those enchantments useless. This affects the "fortify magic school + fortify magicka regen" and "chaos" enchantments.
To fix this, I replaced the enchantment learned when disenchanting items with the enchantments mentioned above.
This does not affect leveled items.

  • The Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch changes are forwarded.

Requirements & (Un)Installation:

You need Skyrim Special Edition V1.5.39 or above.

You need to install the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. You will crash on startup if you don't.

Installation as usual. Install with your favorite mod manager or manually in the data folder.

I do not recommend installing this mod mid-playthrough. Doing so may or may not result in weird magnitude/charge values.

Uninstall by removing the mod file.

Compatibility & Load Order:

This mod is not compatible with any mod that changes enchantments effects.

It is compatible with mods that change the enchanting perk tree, but I can not guarantee that changing perks won't cause balance issues.
If you have a doubt, check with SSEEdit for conflicts.

If you see any conflict and can't do a compatibility patch yourself, post a request in the comments. I'll look into it, but no promises.

This mod is compatible with Enchanting Freedom.

A compatibility patch for See Enchantments SE is available in the download page.

A compatibility patch for Visual Animated Enchants - VAE is available in the download page.

About Summermyst: while my mod and Summermyst are technically compatible, I do not recommend playing with both because my mod does not rebalance Summermyst's enchantments. Playing with both would cause some serious inconsistencies.
However, if you play with the "Price bug fix only" version of my mod, a patch that apply the bug fix to Summermyst's enchantments was kindly made by CptMcSplody and is available in the download section.


If you install this mod mid-playthrough: the player enchanted items created before installing this mod won't be changed. Enchanted items found in loot will be.

The "Reload Bug" is a pretty well known bug but there seems to be a big misunderstanding about it: some people think that the correct price is the one that appears before reloading the game. This is not correct. The correct price appears after reloading the game as it matches leveled loot prices and is proportional to the enchantment strength (contrary to the price before reloading).

Contrary to Smithing and Alchemy, the experience gained for enchanting items does not depend on the gold value of the items created. Thus, this mod does not affect experience.


Bethesda Softworks for making TES:Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
All members of the xEdit team.


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC 4.0).
You can consider this mod as a resource. Feel free to copy, modify and upload this mod anywhere, as long as it is for non-lucrative purpose.

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