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A highly detailed retexture of the mountains with a detailed microsurface

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This is a retexture of the mountains in Skyrim. I always found the vanilla mountains to be OK looking but they lacked details. I looked at various mods and noticed that none of them had detailed microsurfaces so I decided to make my own mod to deal with the issue. I made the texture using Substance Designer 6 so the texture is entirely procedural. I also made sure to add inn microsurfaces like holes,chips missing, cracks, dirt and so on. I hope you all will come to appreciate the small things this mod includes.

This mod has been made into a three-part set, download the other two pieces for a beautiful result:
CC's HQ Caves
CC's HQ Mines

  • Highly detailed, hand made texture for the mountains.
  • A highly detailed microsurface.
  • Built in AO, Roughness and height.
  • Wear and tear on the mountains.
  • Brand new texture for the quarries that blends (almost) seamlessly into the mountains.
  • Different colors variations to choose from.
The textures is available in 4K and 2K.

This mod is compatible with everything except mods that changes the textures of the mountains and the quarries.

I recommend you to install the mod using Vortex (or NMM) to take full advantage of the FOMOD installer.

Manual Installation

If you do insist on installing this mod manually here are the instructions. Once you have downloaded the file go to Payload --> NormalMaps and copy the Texture folder to the Data folder. The normal maps are now installed. Next go to Payload --> Diffuse and select the color you want and copy the Texture folder of the version you want to the Data folder. The mod is now 100% installed.

Do you have some suggestions ? Don't hesitate to let me know your ideas ! Feedback is welcomed! And again, be sure to add your own screenshots!