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This mod adds some map markers including player homes and the Jarl Longhouses in the minor cities

Permissions and credits
To keep it short:
This mod just adds some map markers to some locations. I created this mod just for fun and it isn't neccessary. Some may consider this mod a "cheat mod", but maybe some lazy people will find use for it.

Added Map Markers

The five player homes in the major cities:

Breezehome (Whiterun)
Hjerim (Windhelm)
Proudspire Manor (Solitude)
Vlindrel Hall (Markath)
Honeyside (Riften)

These markers are not visible from the beginning have to be discovered. You don't have to buy the house to make them visible. (Because I don't know how to this)


Jorrvaskr Mead Hall in Whiterun
I added this because I thought that all guild houses (Thieves Guild, Academy, Dark Brotherhood, Thieves Guild and Jorrvaskr) should have a map marker. All or non!

Castle Dour in Solitude
The main headquarter of the Stormcloaks which is the Great Hall in Windhelm also has a marker, so why shouldn't the imperials have one.

Also, all the "Longhouses" of the minor capitals receive the honor of a map marker. These are:

Mortal - Moohall
Dawnstar - The White Hall
Falkreath - Falkreath Longhouse
Winterhold - Witerhold Longhouse

All these map markers are visible from the beginning. However, you have to visit them by feet (or with the carriage) to enable the fast travel feature


I don't belive that there shouldn't be any incompabilities with other mod. It might be the case that if

- you install another map marker mod which does similar things that the markers will leap over on the world map which be confusing
- you install a city overhaul mod that an object is placed where the marker is set which will eventually let you spawn in or on that object

I don't expect any of those cases because I placed the markers right before the door where the area is mostly accessable.

Requirements & Recommended Mods

There are no requirements for this mod, except the Special Edition of Skyrim.

Two mods I recommend are:

Pastel Map Markers by iTitoMix: This mod adds a pastel color style to the map markers. The reason why I like this mod is that It also changes the not-used Longhouse icons from each hold which looks nice in this mod. NOTE: However, there isn't a Longhouse icon for Winterhold so I used the icon from Mortal which is a little bit annoying, but it works.

A Quality World Map
by Chesko: A very succesfull mod which enhances the world map. Just see for yourself as there are many options where you can choose from e.g a map without mist and a paper version.


I, TMLB, created this mod. You can use this mod in your mod if you desperatly need to, but it would be kind and very gentleman-like if you note my name in the description.