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Animations that are shared among male and female

Permissions and credits
     Girly Animation - Shared v2.0 
        - Added sprinting for dual weapon, bow and magic.

     Girly Animation - Shared v2.0a
        - This is optional. For those who want the character to face you when moving backwards.

1) Magic walk, run and idle (female)
2) Bow walk and run (female)
3) Bow held idle (female)
4) 1 hand weapon idle (female)
5) Dual hand weapon idle (female)
6) 1 hand / dual weapon walk movement (female)
7) 1 hand / dual weapon run movement (female)
8) Weapon turn movement (female)
9) Jump (both)
10 ) Sneak (both)

The wording in bracket indicates whether it affects female or both male and female. Only movement and weapon holding animations were modified. Attack animations NOT changed.

Sample videos:
Magic Movement:                        
Bow Movement:                         
Weapon Movement:                         

[NOTE]: 'defaultfemale.hkx' was modified. Other mods that modified this file may not be compatible. Compatible with XP32 skeleton and the 'skeleton arm' glitch was fixed. Due to the way some animations were shared, there may be clipping in certain situation. The animations were "balanced" to make them look nice among different weapons.

[INFO]: The mod was posted in Bethesda.net and placed on request. A lot of default animations are used by both male and female characters. I have some successes in making some of the animations female only. Its not perfect but its working. However, sneak and jump is still shared by male.
So this may not be for you if you don't want your male character jumps like a gal ... :)

[INSTALLATION]: Add and activate the mod thru NMM.

[CREDIT]: Big thanks to fore (MA of FNIS) - For fixing the 'skeleton arm glitch' (e.g. shield arm dropped while moving) of XP32 skeleton and allowing the patched file to be uploaded