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Added: 20/02/2017 - 01:12AM
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Last updated at 16:59, 26 Feb 2017 Uploaded at 1:12, 20 Feb 2017

Adds a meter during werewolf (or werebear) beast form revealing relative time left until transforming back. Supports default Beast Form and all-night transformation mods such as "Moonlight Tales Special Edition" by Brevi.  

Allow up to 30 seconds for the meter to appear after transforming into beast form.

  • This meter borrows the blue magicka bar and restores magicka when finished.
  • The time meter may be enabled/disabled using a power spell "Werewolf Meter Toggle" which stops the script.
  • Requires Dawnguard to be active.


Keep a backup save in case you wish to uninstall.

To install simply drop the files into your Data folder or use a mod manager. If your character is not a werewolf (or other shape-shifter), the meter will initialize disabled. You may enable the meter using the Power spell to toggle.

Removal best methods

  • Remove the files, DTWerewolfMeter.esp and DTWerewolfMeter.bsa, then load backup-save from before installation.
  • Or leave plugin in your load and disable the meter using "Werewolf Meter Toggle" power spell. No running script.


Power: Werewolf Meter Toggle

This power spell enables and disables the meter. When enabled a light-weight script monitors the player for transformations. When not playing a werewolf character, you may disable the meter to stop the script activity.



Supports all-night transformations and "lunar transformations" such as found in werewolf mods by Brevi. "Werewolf Time Meter" makes no alterations to existing quests or spells for compatibility with most werewolf, werebear, or wereboar mods. May not be compatible with mods overhauling magicka or mods updating magicka during beast form such as a spell-casting werewolf.

Suggested mods


Known issues

On the quest becoming a werewolf with the first transformation the time meter bar may not display. 

The Atronoch Stone may cause meter to temporarily rise when hit by a spell.


For more details, see the webpage:

Also available on for Xbox One:
and for PC:

Thanks to candyman457 and spwned for giving me the idea to create this mod, and thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for Creation Kit.

Most of all, thank you!  ~