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Adds a meter during beast form showing relative time left until transforming back and optionally may remove equipment at end transformation like in old Skyrim.

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Adds a meter during werewolf (or werebear) beast form revealing relative time left until transforming back and replenishes on feed. Supports default Beast Form and all-night transformation mods such as "Moonlight Tales Special Edition" by Brevi with count-down 'til dawn without replenish on feed.

New in version 2: optionally, may remove equipment at end transformation like in old Skyrim - use Werewolf Meter Toggle to choose.

  • This meter borrows the blue magicka bar and restores magicka when finished on transform back to human
  • The time meter may be disabled or enabled using a power spell "Werewolf Meter Toggle" 
  • reacts to game events for transformation start and finish to start and stop the meter - no running scripts in human form
  • optional remove equipment happens at very end so effects from werewolf rings or necklaces remain during beast form


Keep a backup save in case you wish to uninstall.

Choose one main file:
  • ESP - Keep Armor - default new game keep armor worn on transformation; use Werewolf Meter Toggle spell to switch to remove armor
  • ESP - Remove Armor - default new game remove armor; use Werewolf Meter Toggle spell to switch to keep armor
  • ESL - default keep armor; use Werewolf Toggle Meter to select preference

To install simply drop the files into your Data folder or use a mod manager. Use the power spell, Werewolf Meter Toggle, to change preference or disable the meter. Read more about the toggle spell below.

Removal best methods

  • Remove the files, DTWerewolfMeter.esp and DTWerewolfMeter.bsa, then load backup-save from before installation.
  • Or leave plugin in your load and disable the meter using "Werewolf Meter Toggle" power spell and continue playing. No script activity.


Power: Werewolf Meter Toggle

This power spell switches between 3 modes:

  • Disabled
  • Enabled keep equipment
  • Enabled remove equipment - at end transformation removes equipment

The toggle spell will disappear from your power spells two minutes after game load to keep your list clean. To use the toggle save, reload, and cast the spell. For console command, the above modes correspond to values 0, 1, 2. The command, set DTWW_Enabled to 2, enables with remove-equipment.



Supports all-night transformations and "lunar transformations" such as found in werewolf mods, MTSE and MTE, by Brevi. "Werewolf Time Meter" makes no alterations to existing quests or spells for compatibility with most werewolf, werebear, or wereboar mods. May be incompatible with spell-casting-werewolf mods.

Confirmed compatible

"Growl" users may disable the reverse-scaling magicka using the toggle spell until notification has a (2) at end, or see read-me file for using console commands.

Compatible with limitations

  • "Lupine - Werewolf Perk Expansion" by DomainWolf - meter works, but optional remove-armor feature may have issue with Lupine's Lost Art perk for equipment; recommend keep-armor option

Incompatible mods


version 2.26 - change default preference on new game

For users experienced with SSEedit: to change your new game default, keep-armor or remove-armor, before starting a new game you may edit a global value.

Edit Global Value, DTWW_InitialPrefVal (xx0394EC) to the following:
  • -1 = default, same as 1 = enabled
  •  0 = disabled
  •  1 = enabled, keep armor worn
  •  2 = enabled, remove armor
  •  3 = enabled, no Growl scaling

Remember, changing DTWW_InitialPrefVal only affects new game. After starting use the Werewolf Meter Toggle spell to change preference.


Known issues

  • Spell absorption may cause magicka bar to briefly rise - mod reacts to event to correct, but for performance limits frequency and only for character having Atronach Stone or Atronach perk.
  • Optional remove equipment sometimes briefly shows equipment due to game event coming after transformation ends
  • Removing the mod with a save during beast form may cause magicka regeneration to stop permanently. In human form use toggle spell to disable.


For more details, see the webpage:

Also available on for Xbox One:
and for PC:

Source scripts available on GitHub:

Thanks to candyman457 and spwned for giving me the idea to create this mod, and thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for Creation Kit.

Most of all, thank you!  ~