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Adds a guarded border gate near Refugee's Rest, NE of Windhelm. Also adds closed gates and guards to the borders of Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and South Morrowind.

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This mod adds a guarded border wall at the boundary of Skyrim and North Morrowind. The gate can be found north east of Refugee's Rest. Closed gates and guards have also been added to the existing border walls of Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and South Morrowind.

Skyrim is in a state of war, hence border control would be a higher priority than it normally is. This is the reason that the player character is arrested when they try to cross the border at the beginning of the game. There is already a closed gate present at the Cyrodiil border, so surely there should be gates at every other border? This mod attempts to fix this little discrepancy.

Now you have a lore friendly reason for staying in Skyrim instead of "You cannot go that way".

Mod idea suggested by 'daventry'.

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