Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

A lore-friendly overhaul for the main members of The Companions
(BB's Companions Revisited available here as alternative legacy option)

Permissions and credits
  • Russian

The mod overhauls Kodlak, Skjor, Farkas, Vilkas, Aela, Athis, Ria, Njada, Torvar and Tilma the Haggard.
There are alternate options in the installer for Vilkas, Aela, Ria and Njada (show at end of gallery)
All NPCs with warpaints have an option to remove them in the installer.
Under optional files is an installer for 2K tints (requires main file).

Expressive Facial Animations  is a soft requirement.
All required assets are included and plugins are ESL-flagged.

If you are unsure which skin mod to use, my best recommendations for this mod are:
BnP Female Skin for the women and either BnP Male Skin or SkySight Skins for the men.

The most recent BB's Companions Revisited files are kept under "old versions", if for any reason you prefer that version.

If there are any issues, please use the "Bugs" tab to report it.
I struggle to keep up when they are in the comments.
Thank you kindly ♡


Any and all community support warms my blackened little heart so much - I understand that donating isn't for everyone, so other ways you can support me is downloading and talking about my mods, patching, translating, taking cool screenshots and sharing, etcetera - it's all super appreciated ❤

Recommendation: This mod looks best with a skin texture mod. Vanilla skins don't look good.
My recommendation will always be BnP Female Skin and BnP Male Skin since NITHI series is built to work best with it.
If you PC is a potato, try the 2K textures or downscale them to 1K if you need to, using something like CAO.

  • Download the Main mod file. Choose install type and select your options.
  • Install & make sure the Plugin is loading late. Vortex users may need to set the plugin group to "late loader".
  • (Optional) Download and install optional 2K tints over the main mod. It is an extra FOMOD installer. However, you MUST install the main mod first - it's not included.
  • Play!

Additional Install Notes:

  • The BB's Companions Revisited files are kept under "old versions", if for any reason you prefer that.
  • The "default" version comes with a plain UNP body which is close to vanilla and includes underwear. These mesh files WILL NOT replace any of the bodies you have installed with Bodyslide. The meshes I added are safely kept away from that in this directory: data\meshes\nithi thvs\body\. This means that you can place any UNP based body here, as long as you meet the requirements for the body to work (eg. If you use a BHUNP body, you need to have the requirements for BHUNP). Don't forget to include feet and hands. Not applicable to CBBE users.
  • There's no RBT patch for this mod. There's only two NPCs affected by RBT so I felt it was quite unnecessary extra files, maybe I will add them under optional files, I don't know we will see :)


THANK YOU to all the talented mod authors below for your contribution to NITHI NPCs 
Check them out and show them some love!





* no assets used directly, but are used in creation or are baked in the NPC mesh or tint files