Divine People of Skyrim - An Immersive and Lore friendly NPC overhaul. by Tarshana
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Updated: 22/05/2017 - 04:51AM

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Last updated at 4:51, 22 May 2017 Uploaded at 17:29, 17 Feb 2017

Over 300 NPCs have been given facelifts in accordance to their lore, disposition, location, profession and story. Welcome to a Divine Skyrim.


  • Some blacksmiths have their dirt splatter removed and given more realistic smudges, or over the top of dirt splatters
  • NPCs with warpaints who had no reason to have warpaint (maids in the Palace) were removed
  • Awkward shaped jaws, noses, lips have been normalized, but no one is "perfect"
  • Some NPCs had their weights adjusted
  • Custom heights for specific NPCs in accordance to race and lore
  • Logical changes from USSEP carried over (such as dead body cleanup scripts, the wrong race and/or missing house keys)
  • Zero custom skins so your skin and body mesh choices are given to all the NPCs (which makes shopping easier)
  • Battle-Borns now look like family
  • Farkas and Vilkas both share similar shaped jaws, but slightly different noses to show familial relationship
  • Serena and Valerica have slight facial changes and updated hair 
  • Beards changed to look nicer; many "handlebar" mustaches changed to a more lore-friendly alternative
  • Orsimer folks are now slightly more pleasing to look at, but retain their fierceness
  • Mjoll's facepaint altered; having warpaint over a scar would look terrible and would cause skin aggravation
  • Jensssa's facepaint has a new colour option; a nice blue instead of the garish yellow 
  • Designed for all kinds of PC set ups; no excessive textures to clutter up your space
  • Taarie and Endarie are both more radiant; they look like sisters. Taarie has her own hairstyle as befitting a potential partner
  • And many more :)

Followers & Marriage Options

Unique NPCs that are tagged as follower or marriagable have been given unique and lore inspired hairs


1. Pick one of the three options: everyone, everyone without custom hair or men only
2. Use NMM to download. It is that easy


Loose files for expert SSEdit users


This can/will conflict with other NPC facelift mods, such as WICO, but can be used with mods that are location or package change (such as AFT or RDO).
Place under ESM's/towards the top for best practice

Black Face Bug:

Not possible with this mod unless you use other mods that alter the same NPCs. Using the loose files might help, but you are not getting a black face because of this mod (everything is packaged into the BSAs)

HOWEVER; Interesting NPCs tend to do something funny sometimes with some set ups, so place DPOS under 3DNPC if you find yourself one of the rare people with the black face bug. I dunno why this happens, to be honest, I just know it is well known and it sucks :( - Fixed

Required Mods:

USSEP - The NPC changes from USSEP are invaluable and are a required master for this mod to work

Recommended Mods:

RDO - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul will increase your enjoyment
AFT - AFT is a fantastic utility for managing multiple followers 
Mature Skin for Women - the sheer amount of styles Maevan created is amazing. 
MONSTERaider's Khajiit and Argonian skins for males and females. I personally use "Stripes" and "Lizard."
Tempered Skins for Males by traa108 - comes with many options and a new mesh!
Tempered Skins for Women by traa108 - great textures and one of the only female mod pack that includes a topless w/panties option
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi - These are the kinds of skins where you think "damn... I could just stare at my guy all damn day now."
SkySight Skins for Men by fadingsignal  - rugged skins are super high-def and perfect with any setup
Beards - nothing says "Rawr, Ima man!" like a true beard texture. 
Argonian Improvements - a fantastic Argonian horn texture by the talented Nivea

NPCs will look slightly different on your setup depending on your textures and if you use ENB or ReShade. The important aspect of this NPC overhaul is based on face structure and unique hairs for specific NPCs that are more than quest givers or ambient people. Upload your screenshots and show differing styles :) 

Apachii Hair
KS Hairdos

Gamwich Clothing
aMidianBorn Book Of Silence