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20 new followers to help you adventure Skyrim including three healers. Every race and both genders represented to give you the choice of who you bring along.

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Enjoy the company of 20 distinguished individuals roaming nearby dungeons of Skyrim. These men and women are not very chatty, but they do provide you with choice of protection or destruction; melee, ranged or magic. Each one is ready for battle and is just itching to help in adventuring. Reading the info below will grant +5 Intelligence. 


  • Each Pathfinder comes with their own hair to make them unique in Skyrim but your personal skin textures make their faces/bodies
  • Three of the Pathfinders come with their own healing packages
  • The Pathfinders level with you; you can take them anywhere and their gear will be appropriate whenever you meet them
  • These followers have their own past and as such never judge you for decisions you make 
  • The Pathfinders are part of the same faction and will not complain if they are hit with magic spells
  • Marked as Essential 
  • None of them have a special someone, so feel free to romance them
  • All Pathfinders have muffled feet and will never break traps or your stealth
  • There is a journal from each one giving insights to their personality
  • Pathfinders have no issues with vampires or werewolves; only the Healers take exception in the sense they don't want to be one

These followers are here to help you defeat bandits, bears and wolves (ohhh my!) and fill the gap between vanilla quest followers and in-depth followers who have their own comments and dialogues so you can have your Inigo and eat your sweet rolls, too. 


Kieran - Nord, Paladin. Wears plate and uses a mace, has a decent magicka pool
Tira - Breton, Monk. Wears cloth or leather, uses defensive posturing or simple daggers and a good mana pool
Cori - Altmer, Oracle. Wears cloth, has a staff, uses both hands for healing, and a large mana pool

READ: Do not turn them into vampires or werewolves, I have noticed their healing packages break and they glitch out


Jeelei - Argonian, Smuggler - Prefers daggers
Indara - Imperial, Watcher - prefers melee combat and even shields
Mikado - Khajiit, Sentry - has no preference between daggers or bows and uses both
Ra'Kir - Khajiit, Infiltrator - has no preference between daggers or bows and uses both
Amragor - Bosmer, Bladerunner - prefers dual wielding 
Andrigil - Bosmer, Nomadic Archer - prefers her bow 

Warrior Damage:
Kozala - Orsimer, Beserker - two handed warrior, can also dual wield
Nash - Orsimer, Slayer - two handed warrior, can also tank
Maressa - Nord,  Gladiator - prefers two handed weapons, can dual weild


Duliana - Redguard, Warden - light armour tank
Lhotun -  Redguard, Tactician - heavy armour tank
Jakon - Breton, Knight - heavy armour tank
Hirrus - Imperial, Legionnaire - heavy armour tank and can damage if needed


Mizoti - Argonian, Spellslinger - Frost mage; enjoys slowing/snaring enemies
Soran - Dunmer, Warlock - A dashing pyromaniac; he will set the world on fire.. or at least your enemies
Velsa - Dunmer, Mystic - Has an affinity for lightning magic 
Sideris - Altmer, Witch - uses all forms of magic and has a fun time reanimating the dead

Where to Find:

Temple of Kynareth - Tira, Kieran and Cori are all there now (see updates for reason)
Bleak Falls Barrow - Lower path near Riverwood- Maressa Jurgarnesen
Greywinter Watch - Jeelei Xemean
Hillgrund's Tomb - Mizoti Galmean
Lost Knife Hideout - Lhotun Girmar
Pinepeak Cavern - Mikado Kidavi
Honeystrand Grove  - Ra'Kir Hammuhan
Angarvunde - Kozala Gamorn
Crystaldrift Cave - Jakon Thionis
Fallowstone Cave - Soran Tunnith
Tolvald's Cave - Velsa Reyelo
Cragswallow Slope - Sideris Adwatch - North of Shor's Stone, she will be in the near vicinity
Bleakcoast Cave - Hirrus Conciatius
Folgunthur - Indara Cassiana
Deepwood Redoubt - Nash Skander
Blind Cliff Cave - Duliana Krevka
Reachwater Rock - Amragor Mossrun
Gloomreach - Andrigil Shadyvale

The Pathfinders slowly move around the general area of those dungeons and will be near the path or near a mining/herb node with the exception of Maressa who is placed at Riverwood Bridge. 

Album of Coordinates 

Recommended Mods

RDO - Relationship Dialogue Overhaul will increase your enjoyment
AFT - AFT is a fantastic utility for managing multiple followers NOTE: do NOT teach Kieran, Tira or Cori any new spells with this mod, you will break their healing packages. 
Mature Skin for Women - the sheer amount of styles Maevan created is amazing. 
MONSTERaider's Khajiit and Argonian skins for males and females. I personally use "Stripes" and "Lizard."
Tempered Skins for Males by traa108 - comes with many options and a new mesh!
Tempered Skins for Females by traa108 - many options including one for topless but with panties
Fine Face Textures for Men by Urshi - These are the kinds of skins where you think "damn... I could just stare at my guy all damn day now."
SkySight Skins for Men by fadingsignal  - more rugged than "pretty" these skins are super high-def and ready to be used 
The Floating Market - my own little Market mod to outfit your new companions 

Load Order:

Pathfinders esp can be placed above any NPC overhaul (aforementioned mods) and any area that modifies their dungeon areas. 

No known conflicts exist at this time so please report if there is


Does not need to be cleaned; there are dirty edits due to placing the followers into their locations. 


The quest that adds followers to your faction has a funny bug that puts a bow and arrows into their inventory. Make sure you trade with them and pull those out so they use their proper combat weapons.

I use Maeevn's mature skin textures, young version, and her face tints for the females and Tempered Male Skins blended with Urshi's Fine Male textures for the men. Your textures will alter the exact look you get during your game. I wanted to make sure that the Followers blended in with people's individual texture tastes. So let us be clear here: you, the mod user, will not have NPCs that look -exactly- like the pictures. The bone structure and height will be the same, but if you use vanilla textures then you get vanilla textures. If you do want them to look exactly the same, you will need to use Mature Skin by Maeven22 and TemperedMales by traa108 as linked above. Isn't customising fun?!

Let me also say I am the worst at taking pictures. Please add your own screenshots with your ENBs and ReShades or whatever you use. I am certain your graphics will make them really shine :)

Each of them are given a little idle marker in their area (other npcs will ignore them) but they do have a pathing radius of 1024 units (standard for sandbox packages) so if you do not see them right away, do not fret. They are meant to be found as you travel to each dungeon and should be fairly easy to see on your way to a dungeon. I have uploaded some map areas where they path and if you are having issues finding, just post for help :)

Apachii Hair
KS Hairdos
MistValkyrie - For the incredible banner artwork. She amazing artist with no limits :)
Elliotcroft for the original Magoza- a healing companion (32bit Skyrim)

Meet the Pathfinders: