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20 new steel shields, including most factions and all holds. Fully craftable and temperable.

Permissions and credits
Maerlyn's Shields Volume 1
20 all new shields using custom meshes and textures.  Many represent holds/factions.  Fully craftable and temperable.  See images above for all shield designs.  

To do list: Add to leveled lists, New designs for Dawnguard faction and Penitus Oculatus.  

As always, if you enjoy this mod, please endorse!

Recommended Mods:
Semper Fi SE - An Imperial Armor Mod - This armor variant looks good with the Imperial shield in this mod.
Cloaks of Skyrim SE - Always been a favorite mod of mine, fixing one of Bethesda's big oversights.
Many more I am not listing.

Credits and tools used:
Bethesda - For making a great game even better with modability and the great Creation Kit.
Blender - 3D meshes.
Gimp 2.0 - Creating textures, etc. - Creating textures, etc.
Nifskope - Putting it all together in one neat little package.
The Nexus Community and Moderators - For tutorials and for supporting modders like me.

Permissions:  Please do not upload this mod or any part of it to another site without explicit permission from me, the author.  If you would like to use any part of this mod, please ask first.  I'm a pretty reasonable person.